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Synonyms: End!verse, Croat-verse, 2014-verse, 2014!verse, 5x04verse, Futureverse
Related: Alternate Universe, Canon AU, Post-apocalyptic
See Also: Evil!Sam
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Endverse is a canon alternative universe shown in episode 5x04, The End, of Supernatural. This universe has several elements, the most prominent being that Sam Winchester accepted Lucifer and became his vessel, Castiel is no longer an angel, and Dean is part of a resistance group fighting against Lucifer's forces.

Fan creators like to explore the endverse in fanworks because of the vastly different characterizations of the show's main characters, especially Castiel, who is shown to be using drugs and participating in orgies, this being very different from the staid and righteous Cas shown in early canon. It is also fertile ground for the Evil!Sam trope, and the potential angst between the Winchester brothers. As well as showing what life may have been like for characters not shown in the episode.

A majority of fanworks set in the Endverse are focused on the Dean Winchester/Castiel pairing, although there is also a fair sized body of gen fanworks.

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