It's a Terrible Life

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Synonyms: Sandover!verse, 4x17verse, Terrible Life 'verse
Related: Alternative Universe, Canon AU
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It's a Terrible Life is episode 4x17 of Supernatural, and a canon alternative reality created by the angel Zachariah. The most prominent element of this alternative reality is that Sam and Dean are not brothers, they are Dean Smith and Sam Wesson, and they both work in a mundane setting, an office, where Sam works in IT and Dean is a junior executive.

This universe can be attractive to fans, because in it the Winchesters are not brothers, thus avoiding any issues with wincest, Sam/Dean are the most popular pairing for this AU, and are often tagged as Dean Smith/Sam Wesson to differentiate them from the regular pairing. Sam and Dean are the only two regular characters, aside from Zachariah, who are shown in this universe, but it is not unusual for fans to include other canon characters, or original characters, in their fanworks.

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