Time Skip Fic

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Synonyms: Gapfillers, Time Jump fics, Hiatus fics
Related: Missing Year, Missing Scenes
See Also: Hiatus
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In most television shows and other episodic media when there is hiatus between seasons or series a time skip occurs in the narrative, varying anywhere between a few weeks to years. Some fanfiction writers will try to fill in what occurred during this time period, especially if it is lengthy or events that occurred off screen maybe effecting the storyline.

Notable Examples

  • The Walking Dead – between Season 2 and 3, and Season 3 and 4, when there were time skips of several months, and in season 9 there was a time skip of several years
  • The 100 – between Season 4 and Season 5 were there is a time skip of six years
  • Once Upon a Time – after Season 6 and the time skip of several years
  • Battlestar Galactica – after Season 2 when there is a one year time skip