the apocalypse (Supernatural vid)

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Title: supernatural - the apocalypse
Creator: Deductism
Date: 1 November 2012
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:51
Music: Imagine Dragons
Genre: gen, angst
Fandom: Supernatural
Footage: Supernatural
URL: the apocalypse (Youtube)

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supernatural | the apocalypse is a fan vid by Deductism about the Supernatural fandom. It mainly focuses on Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Bobby Singer, Anna, Ellen Harvelle, and Jo Harvelle plus appearances from several other characters from the Supernatural fandom.

As of July 31, 2013, it has over 71,000 views on YouTube.

Vidder's Notes

Dedicated to Erin.
"Oh god, this whole vid was hell. Literally. It took so long to do because I kept putting it off, but it's done and there's a few mistakes but I can't be bothered to correct them I'm just so happy it's finally finished ugh."


you are one of my favourite vidders at all! i always wait for some new video from you! :) these your videos, they're incredible! everytime!! do what you want to do with them but they're always amazing! i'm in love with this song and i have to say, that this vid just made my day!! :') thank you :)[1]
OMG your editing is beautiful!!!![2]
Came on to see if anyone had used this song with Supernatural. I was kinda bummed to see that it had been used so much, (as I wanted to use it for my first fan vid) although, for as many as I watched, and for all those that were decidedly decent, this one was my favorite. You used the imagery to maximum effectiveness, love the style, use of transitions and your timing with the cuts is spot on. Great work! Beautiful vid![3]


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