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Name: Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer
Occupation: Hunter
Relationships: Ed Singer (father, deceased)
Karen Singer (wife, deceased)
Sam Winchester (surrogate son)
Dean Winchester (surrogate son)
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by Jim Beaver
SupernaturalBobbyW by lun-art (2013)
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Robert "Bobby" Singer is a fictional character from the Supernatural television series, portrayed by Jim Beaver.


Bobby acts as a father figure for Sam and Dean. He is known for his sarcasm and love for cheap whiskey. He was killed the once by Lucifer, brought back, killed a second time, and then his ghost was finally released from earth after Dean Winchester burns his flask. He has appeared in the afterlife and an alternate universe version of Bobby has appeared since his death. [1]

An alternate version of Bobby, Apocalypse World Bobby appeared in season 13.


Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Pastfic: these often focus on Bobby's relationship the Winchesters when they were children or youths. Although, there are some examples of pastfic that showcase Bobby and his relationship with his late wife, Karen.
  • Bobby Lives: Bobby does not die in season 7, or is somehow resurrected
  • Supporting Character: Bobby is often used as a supporting character in fic. He is often used as the Voice of Reason, while still being ornery and written as comic relief. In these stories he is not usually given a romantic interest, except in a few instances.
  • Apocalypse World: in season 13 Bobby's Apocalypse World self is brought into the show's universe, to help distinguish between the two Bobbys fans will often use Apocalypse World!Bobby or alt!Bobby to help differentiate between the two in fanworks

Common Pairings

  • A small subset of the fandom ships Bobby Singer and the demon Crowley. This pairing is often called Crobby, and is Bobby's most popular pairing.
  • Bobby is sometimes paired with Ellen Harvelle. This is often a background or side pairing.
  • The Apocalypse World version of Bobby appeared in season 13, and is rarely paired with Mary Winchester.

Fanwork Examples

art by Ailine for Supernatural J2 Russian Big Bang, 2009



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