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Name: Crowley
Occupation: King of Hell
Title/Rank: demon
Status: Dead
Relationships: Son of Rowena MacLeod, father of Gavin MacLeod
Fandom: Supernatural
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Crowley is one of the main villains from the TV show Supernatural. He is a century-old demon known for his style, suits, sarcasm and love for whiskey. Getting introduced in season 5, he kept switching teams working for or against the Winchesters.


Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Human Crowley is not confined to All Human AUs, and many works focus on Crowley adapting to human life after centuries as a demon.
  • Pre canon works sometimes look at how Crowley lost his soul, or his rise to power in the Hell. Other works show him interacting with demon or angels.
  • In many fanworks, Crowley's hellhound is called Growly. This appears to be in reference to a comment actor Mark Shepard.
  • Crossover works with Crowley sometimes feature characters from Good Omens, and often include Crowley interacting with the demon named Crowley from the Good Omens Universe.

Common Pairings

Crowley/Bobby is one of the most popular pairings for Crowley, but it's rare in the Supernatural fandom. Other slash pairings include; Crowley/Dean, Crowley/Castiel and Crowley/Sam.

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