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Name: Crowley (Fergus MacLeod)
Occupation: King of Hell
Relationships: Rowena MacLeod (mother), Gavin MacLeod (son)
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by Mark Shepard
Art by slytherkins, created for the 2019 Crowley Big Bang
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Crowley was one of the main antagonists from the TV show Supernatural. He was a century-old demon known for his style, suits, sarcasm and love of whiskey. After being introduced in season 5, he kept switching teams working for or against the Winchesters.


Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Human Crowley: is not confined to All Human AUs, and many works focus on Crowley adapting to human life after centuries as a demon.
  • Pre canon: works sometimes look at how Crowley lost his soul, or his rise to power in the Hell. Other works show him interacting with demons or angels.
  • Hellhounds: Crowley is often depicted as open or affectionate with his hellhounds in fanworks, especially fan art. Some fans headcanon that the hellhound Juliet is Crowley's favourite, because of how sweetly he spoke to her in the King of the Damned episode
  • Growley: In many fanworks, Crowley's first hellhound is called Growly. This appears to be in reference to a comment made by actor Mark Shepard.
  • Crossover: works with Crowley sometimes feature characters from Good Omens, and often include Crowley interacting with the demon named Crowley from the Good Omens Universe.

Common Pairings

When Crowley is in a romantic paring in fanworks it is usually a slash pairing, some of which include:

Crowley is rarely featured in het fanworks, those in which he does usually involve reader inserts or original female characters, although there is a very small amount of fanworks that pair Crowley with the angel Naomi or the reaper Billie


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