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Are you looking for the Crowley Big Bang that was hosted on LiveJournal? See Crowley Big Bang (LiveJournal)
Name: Crowley Big Bang
Date(s): 2017, 2019
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction. fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
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The Crowley Big Bang was a big bang challenge focused on the Supernatural character Crowley. It ran for two rounds, in 2017 and 2019, on Tumblr. Writers had to write a story of 10,000 words, artists had to create two pieces and one header. The 2019 challenge was a Reverse Bang.



Roadhouse Ten

Author: @thayerkerbasy

Artists: @dmsilvisart (Link to art masterpost here)

Promo image by: @roxy-davenport

Beta: @grey2510

Summary: Crowley didn’t know what would happen to him after sacrificing himself, but ending up in Heaven with a whole new group of allies was never even on the list. He could have stayed in his own personal heaven reliving his happiest moments, but those left something to be desired. Together with a motley crew of deceased Winchester allies, Crowley set out on a mission to improve his afterlife.

Rating: T

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Tags: Afterlife, Family Don’t End In Blood, Found Family, Canon Compliant, Post 12x23, past Dean/Crowley

Relationships: Crowley & Charlie, Crowley & Bobby, Crowley & Eileen Leahy

Characters: Crowley, Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Eileen Leahy, Ellen Harvelle, Bill Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Ash, Rufus Turner, Frank Devereaux, Gavin MacLeod, Fiona Duncan

crowley, spn fic, afterlife, heaven fic, post 12x23, found family, family don’t end in blood, charlie bradbury, bobby singer, eileen leahy, crowley big bang

When You Least Expect It

Author: @roxy-davenport


Promo image by:@roxy-davenport

Summary: A chance encounter on a hunt leads the reader to find her soulmate, none other than the King of Hell. She gets hurt and needs to recuperate from her injuries but once better where does she go? To Earth to continue hunting? Or does she stay in Hell and become the Queen? Does she forsake her old life to be with Crowley? Stay tuned to find answers to those questions and more.

Rating: Mature/Explicit

Tags/Warnings: It will have smut, possibly kinky smut, in the later chapters and sexual tension throughout, a slight touch of angst, tons of fluff, injury to the reader and canon level violence with a fluffy ending. It will be a chaptered story. It’s a slow moving character study almost, regarding the reader and Crowley, a love story if you will. There will be talk of pregnancy and children so if those are triggers for you, jump ship now.

Soulmate au, Dom!Crowley x sub!reader, still fluff

Characters:Crowley, Crowley x reader

Relationships: Crowley, Crowley x reader

Rough Seas

Author: @lilliavance

Artist: @kuwlshadow

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Crowley thought running hell was a tough job but nothing prepared him for what Dean and Sam had planned for him. Blood runs thick but blood is also the problem. Crowley goes through all the emotions in maybe one of the biggest adventures of his life or should we say the biggest rollercoaster.

Knock, Knock, “Room service.“The maid says knocking on the seemingly normal door of one of the suite rooms. After waiting a few minutes with no response she pulls out the universal key card, slides it till it unlocks, turns the doorknob, and turns around to pull her cart through. Suddenly she feels something wet dripping down on her she wipes it off thinking it was just water to realize it was red. Quickly looking up from her cart she sees nothing but but blood splatter around the room, blood curtling screams begin to fill the air. "Bloody hell. I forgot to put the Do Not Disturb sign on"Crowley says quickly turning around and reenters the elevator


Blood in Bed

Author: @slytherkins​

Artist: @espada-iv​

Beta:@thinkwritexpress-official​, @1000roughdrafts​, @jkrobertson​

Rating: Mature

Ships: Demon Dean/Crowley

Warnings: NSFW, allusion to canon-typical violence

Tags: Dean Winchester, Crowley, Drowley, Demon!Dean, pining, angst

Summary: Dean and Crowley have been howling at the moon for weeks now, and the Demon King has almost had his fill of Dean’s misadventures. Not ready for the party to end, Dean tries something new in an attempt to convince Crowley to keep the good times rolling.

St. Fergus

Author: @risingphoenix761

Artist: @slytherkins

Beta:@slytherkins, @letsby

Rating: teen and up

Warnings: language, mentioned character death, implied necromancy

Tags: fix-it fic, Crowley being Crowley, canon-typical, some angst, some crack, fluff if you squint, flirting and innuendo, Crowley gets redemption

Summary: Nothing comes back from the Empty, and nothing restores a lost soul. Not unless God himself steps in. But dying a do-gooder could work in Crowley’s favor, because Chuck has an idea to get him into Heaven…if he will accept the terms.

Art by slytherkins, inspiration for the fic Contracts and Confessions

Contracts and Confessions

Author @gamermom

Artist @slytherkins

Rating Explicit

Ships(if any) Crowley/Dean, Crowley/Cas, Crowley/Cas/Dean, Crowley/Jody, Crowley/Samandriel, Crowley/OC

Warnings None

Tags: Prostitution, Polyamory, Alternate Universe - Sugar Daddy, Germany, Graduate Student Dean Winchester, Prostitute Castiel (Supernatural), Comfortably Bisexual Dean Winchester, Pansexual Crowley

Summary: It started with a prompt. Just a random prompt floating around the internets; Person A likes Person B, Person B likes Person C, Person C is a sex worker. Person A pays for Person B to sleep with Person C. From there the kernel of an idea was born. Crowley wants his protege, Dean. Dean wants his study buddy Cas. Cas is a sex worker who wants to keep his visa. Crowley pays for Dean to sleep with Cas. From there it grew. Crowley and Dean work for the German branch of Sandover. Dean sends all his money home and is using feel college to finish his MBA. Cas is Russian who works in a brothel to keep his visa. But this is not Dean and Cas’ story. This is Crowley’s story. Pansexual, poly-amours, sugar daddy, Crowley who just wants to be loved. Doesn’t he deserve to be loved?

Kicked Out of Heaven

Author: @crownoyami

Artist: @iamalekstraordinary

Beta: @queenofhearts

Rating: E

Ships: Crowley/Bobby

Warnings: Torture, Recovery, Healing, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Top Bobby, Bottom Crowley, Contracts, Angst, Hell Politics, Blood, Bed-Sharing, Protective Crowley, Magic and Spells, Bareback.

Summary: Crowley made it his prerogative to anticipate every angle possible. It took skill and being nearly omniscient to rise to the title of King of Hell. He never expected to see that name on his list of new souls who had been tossed to the racks. Risking everything he had worked so long to build; Crowley couldn’t leave Bobby to the mercy of demons. Will Bobby appreciate the risk or is Crowley just another demon?

Hopelessly Devoted

Author: @kitchennator

Artist: @sirlsplayland

Rating: General Audiences

Relationship: Crowley (Supernatural)/Original Female Character(s)

Summary: In all of his wildest dreams, from the moment that he became a demon, Crowley had never imagined that this moment, this exact moment, would be in his very long life. Utterly perfect and completely different from every plan he’d ever had. The room was alight with a soft glow from low hanging lanterns, a near faceless crowd whispering quietly in front of him, a note of anticipation in the air. A soft melodic music was playing and for all he cared in that moment, he could’ve been wondering aimlessly amongst the stars, waiting to see the brightest. There was another whisper and the music changed, Crowley’s gaze locked intensely on the door at the end of the room. It had been long road here and he didn’t want to stuff it up now. When rumours had spread of another Winchester, Crowley hadn’t really known what to think; he liked to think that he knew everything about the troublesome pair and their unfortunate yet fortunate lives and surely something like thing couldn’t happen again after the mess of the apocalypse. Yet, when rumours persisted and his demons grew more and more adamant that there was a third Winchester, Crowley took it upon himself to investigate. The rumours were true, but not quite in the normal way. Not that he expected anything normal could ever happen to that family.