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Name: Tim Kirk
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Tolkien, Star Trek, science fiction
URL: Tim Kirk at Wikipedia
www.kirkdesigninc.com (closed)
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Tim Kirk is a science fiction and fantasy artist. His art appeared in many 1960s and '70 fanzines, particularly Tolkien zines.

Comments on Tim's Art

Tim developed the logo and letterhead for my [now defunct] bookstore, A Change of Hobbit when he was still a student. His graphics branded my store's image throughout its 19-year history, appearing on tote bags, t-shirts, holiday cards, and other promotional and business items. His art became iconic, recognized throughout world in the science-fiction and fantasy field.[1]

I believe I picked [The Truth About Tribbles] up at A Change of Hobbit in Los Angeles when I was wee. Tim Kirk was a very popular local Sci Fi satirist and had decorated all the walls in the bathroom there. [2]

Example Works


Zine Art


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