Log of the Starship Enterprise (Star Trek: TOS zine by Sylvia Stanczyk)

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Title: Log of the Starship Enterprise
Publisher: likely Sehlat Press
Editor(s): Sylvia Stanczyk
Date(s): April 1971-July 1973
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Log of the Starship Enterprise is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology by Sylvia Stanczyk. On the title page inside of each issue: "The Tholian Web."

NOTE: many sources are incorrect and list "The Tholian Web" and "Log of the Starship Enterprise" as two separate zines. They are not.

Slow to Arrive

This zine is sent out by low-flying turtle. If you order an issue, and it takes less than 4 months to get to you, that's fast. [1]

Issue 1

Log of the Starship Enterprise 1 was published in April 1971 and has 55 pages. It was jointly edited by Jo-Anne Bonesteel and Sylvia Stanczyk and contains material by Penny Jo-Anne Bonesteel, Dusterwald, D.L. Gurnett, Carol Lee, Donna Ligon, Diane Marchant, Norma M. Smith, Paula Smith, Amelia Rodgers, Sylvia Stanzcyk, and Kathy Watkins.

title page of issue #1, Sylvia Stanzcyk
cover of issue #1

From the zine:

You ask what is it....(so do we)! Our zine will soon be a classic...a classic what you ask... a classic flop if we can't encourage Star Trek fanatics like you to purchase our zine. For... 75 cents you can become the proud owner of this sterling silver zine.

Not only does it contain genuine Star Trek stories which are guaranteed to delight any Star Trek fan but it also provides reading enjoyment for your dog or cat. Or if you feel you don't like it you can use it as a fly swatter, wrapping paper, or give it to your favorite enemy as a gift. Contents: Star Trek stories, jokes, artwork ...you

name it and we probably have it. So why not help us by purchasing a copy of issue one at only 75 cents per copy.

  • Memo by Sue Smith (reprinted from Down Under Space Kooks) (While Diane Marchant is listed as the author in this zine, this is a mistake. The editor makes this correction in issue #4.) (4)
  • Pride, poem by Penny Dusterwald (7)
  • Starship Snooper, small cartoon by Carol Lee (7)
  • A Place in Your Heart, poem by Kathy Watkins (8)
  • Contact, story by D.L. Gurnett (9)
  • Starship Snooper #2, Carol Lee (18)
  • Captain's Log, poem by Jo-Anne Bonesteel (18)
  • On the Captain's Mind, illo by A.R. (19)
  • Excedrin Headache No.564, humor short by unknown author (20)
  • Human Pride vs. Vulcan Logic, fiction by Norma M. Smith (21)
  • Star Trek Quote Quiz (37)
  • Chapel, illo (38)
  • Sphere of Peace, poem by Kathy Watkins (39)
  • Declassified Ads, farcical (40
  • The Last Laugh, fiction by Sylvia Stanczyk (41)
  • Answers to Quote Quiz (53)
  • Ad (54)
  • T'Prave, poem by Cecily Horton (Cecily wrote: "T'Prave was a Vulcan captured by someone, believed to be Romulans, when she was a child, and returned to her people afters she reached maturity. She has never been able to adjust to either world. This poem was written right before her first period of insanity.") (55)
  • Beam Down (56)

Issue 2

Log of the Starship Enterprise 2 was published in July 1971 and contains 51 pages. The front cover is by Sylvia Stanczyk. The interior illos by J.A. Bonesteel, C. Lee, Sylvia Stanczyk, and Paul Smith.

title page of issue #2
cover of issue #2
  • The Secret Diary of James T. Kirk by Sylvia Stanczyk (5)
  • Requiem for Glory by Laura Trise Basta (7)
  • Ads by Randy Bathurst (farcical) (13)
  • Starship Snooper, joke by Carol Lee (14)
  • McCoy portrait by Paul Smith (15)
  • Pursuit, fiction by Ronald Murillo (16)
  • The Name of the Show is by Margaret Basta (34)
  • Starship Snooper, part 2, One Day Aboard the Big E by Carol Lee (37)
  • The Last Laugh by Sylvia Stanczyk, part two (38)
  • Preview of Things to Come (49)
  • Answers to Quiz (50)
  • Excuses for Carol Lee and Me (51)
  • art by Jo-Anne Bonesteel, Paul Smith, Carol Lee

Issue 3

Log of the Starship Enterprise 3 was published in March 1972 and contains 93 pages. It consists of a single novel called The Daneswoman by Laura T. Basta (this was later published as Saurian Brandy Digest #6). It has no interior art.

cover of issue #3
the forward from issue #3

From the August 1975 issue of The Halkan Council: a fan asks about a possible sequel to this novel. Paula Smith responds: "To all the people who have sent [S F] and me SASEs about Laura Basta's sequel to Daneswoman: at this point, there is a possibility of Bantam publishing the novel. Therefore, we cannot bring it out as a fanwork, NOW. If they decide against printing it, THEN we get to. However, things are still up in the air about it. Right now there is nothing definite." In the end, there turned out to be no pro novel, and Basta's story was instead reprinted as Saurian Brandy Digest #6 in 1976.

From the zine's forward, written November 24, 1969:

I have the funniest feeling that I really shouldn't be saying anything about The Daneswoman, but I'm going to anyway. I started writing this story for fun, but halfway through I realized I was still writing it for fun. Somehow my goal of turning this into a Morality (OR AMORALITY) story just didn't realize. I really don't mind and hope no one else does either.

I'd been spurred off by reading some other short stories dealing with situations close to this one, and decided to try my own hand at it. If anyone thinks this story, and it's premise is raunchy or questionable, then I'm sorry I offended. I'm not really quite sure why I wrote it, but felt it was about time I did. What Spock and Damion did was 'wrong' according to today's moral standards. But they were guided by the complex ethics system of their own planets and cultures. It is vastly improbable to believe that the moral codes we live by today are going to be exactly the same in the twenty-third or twenty-fourth century (OLD CALENDAR). Our own times are rapidly changing. With various races, with all the people of the Federation, it is doubtful that marriage and relationships, their ceremonies would remain rigid and the same as today's Earth. I wrote The Daneswoman on the premise that in their time, affairs would be acceptable and above board, when between two mature people. Mistresses, concubines, "second wives", have all been part of man's complex civilizations since before written history. I feel it is quite possible that they will remain so, though with a more acceptable status in future times. Read, enjoy, or hate. I'd be interested in knowing. This is my revised rough draft and it's about sixty pages shorter than the original draft. I hope my english end spelling is improved and at least passable, and I hope my whole style isn't as wordy or as smaltzy as it once was.

Live Long & Prosper!

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See The Daneswoman.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4
cover of issue #4, showing the banner stapled across the front

Log of the Starship Enterprise 4 was published in June 1972 and contains 55 pages.

Contains material by Margaret and Laura Basta, R. Bathurst, N. Bradfield, C. Grosse, C. Lee Healey, Carolyn Sue Hillard, Pat Kienly, Shirley Maiewski, S. Stanczyk, and Steve Young. The front cover is by Sylvia Stanczyk. It has interior art by C. Grosso, C.L. Healy, L.G. Kienly, P. Kienly, and C. Lee.

Also contains the first progress report for Equicon, a major sf con held in Los Angeles in 1972.

  • Just a Kirk of Fate by Randy R. Bathurst (3)
  • Sub-Space Wave Lenths by Carolyn Sue Hillard (4)
  • Quickie Quiz Rides Again by Margaret and Laura Basta (5)
  • The Day The Vulcans Lied by Naomi Bradfield (7)
  • Snoopy, cartoons (40)
  • Idic-Nome (42)
  • More De-Classified Ads by Sylvia Stanczyk (43)
  • Aftermath by Shirley Maiewski (44)
  • Answers to Quickie Quiz (51)
  • Tholian Web Trading Post (52)
  • Conclusion of Aftermath (54)
  • Excuses (56)
  • 3-page Progress Report #1 for Equicon
  • 2-page ad for Fantasy Film Fans International

Issue 5

Log of the Starship Enterprise 5 was published in September 1972 and contains 52 pages. The front cover is by Sylvia Stanczyk. It has interior illos by Pat Kienly and G.L, Carol Lee, S.S., Jo Anne Bonesteel, L.B., Seth, Steve Yound, DML, Wendy Fletcher, MAC, Carolyn Hillard.

cover of issue #5
cover of issue #5, showing banner stapled across the front
  • Snoopy Goes Vulcan (3)
  • Snoopy Goes Vulcan (4)
  • Famous Last Words (5)
  • The Defiant (6)
  • Infinity is Mine (7)
  • An Explanation, poem (36)
  • Self Portrait, poem (37)
  • Spock from Dagger of the Mind (38)
  • The Fullfillment (sic), story (39)
  • Starfleet Cartoon (47)
  • Tholian Web Trding Post (48)
  • Snoopy Returns (49)
  • Commercial (50)
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because
  • Fan Film Funnies, words by Bjo Trimble, illos by Tim Kirk

Issue 6

Log of the Starship Enterprise 6 was published in January 1972 and contains 99 pages.

title page of issue #6

It is a single novel called, "The Crossing Lords" by Carolyn Meredith.

It was reprinted in Changeling #1.

This story was mentioned in Star Trek Lives!.

Issue 7

Log of the Starship Enterprise 7 was published in March 1973 and contains 52 pages. The front cover is by Sylvia Stanczyk. The interior art is by Steve Young, Pat Kienly, G.L., Carolyn Hillard, F, Adrienne Le Vine.

title page of issue #7
cover of issue #7
  • A Poem by Rusty Hancock (3)
  • Infinity is Mine, part 2 by Naomi Bradfield (4)
  • Snoopy Rides Again by Pat Kienly and G.L. (30)
  • Star Trek Trivia Quiz #1 by Jeannie Peacock (32)
  • Cartoon by Carolyn Hillard (33)
  • The Queen's Pawn by Jeannie Peacock (34)
  • Tholian Web Trading Post (52)
  • Cartoon by Adrienne Le Vine (51)
  • Snoopy by Pat Kienly and G.L. (53)
  • art by Steve Young, Pat Kienly and G.L., Carolyn Hillard, F, Adrienne Le Vine

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Log of the Starship Enterprise 8 was published in in July 1973 and contains 50 pages.

It contains art by Janice, Pat Kienely, Sally Gibson, Chris Gudger, S. Stanzcyk, and Steve Young. The front cover is by Sylvia Stanczyk.

  • A Klingon Muses on "Brotherhood" by Gail Eirran (3)
  • Half-Breed by Judith Lynn Aker (4)
  • Star Trek Trivia Quiz #2 by Jeanne Peacock (17)
  • Snoopy Goes Vulcan by Pat Kienely (18)
  • Poem by Sally May Gibson (19)
  • Satishur by Peggy Richter (20)
  • Orion by Zenia E. Lopez (50)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

The story by Peggy Richter is an interesting one about two children of a race related to the Klingons who are rescued by the ENTERPRISE. The author has twisted McCoy's character almost unbearable out of shape to make the plot move along more or less credibly. But, all in all, she does a good job. [2]


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