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No info on the 1993 Worldcon

You may be looking for BayCon (series of California cons), which began in 1982 and have run every year since.

Science Fiction Convention
Name: Baycon
Dates: 1968 and 1993
Location: California
Focus: science fiction
Organization: WSFS
Founding Date:
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Baycon was two of the Worldcons.


1968 Con Reports

[from a Star Trek fan]:

The 1968 World Science Fiction Convention was held Aug. 29 - Sept. 2 at the Claremont Hotel in beautiful downtown Oakland/Berkeley, California.

ST people attending were Gene Roddenberry, Rick Carter, Sheri Greenawalt (Carter now), Majel Barrett, Mark Lenard, and costume designer Bill Theiss. Also attending was Mike Minor, an artist whose paintings are being used on the show. (Lovely things—some of his drawings were for sale in the art room, and I was among the people snapping them up.)

ST episodes "Where No Man Has Gone Before", "Balance of Terror", and "The City On the Edge of Forever" were shown, as were the hilarious "blooper" films. The episodes had apparently been borrowed from a TV station, for they had cuts and commercials. Seeing these first-season episodes again was most interesting. "Where No Man...", the pilot that sold, is "not ST as we know it" because of all the changes that were made later. "City" was way better than remembered, and deserved the Hugo it received as best dramatic presentation of the year. "Balance of Terror" had a fascinating side effect from Mark Lenard's later appearance in "Journey to Babel". Remember the scene where the Enterprise crew got their first sight of the Romulans? The Romulan Commander played by Mark Lenard is seen on the screen, followed by a camera close-up of Spock, But now instead of "'Romulans look like Vulcans!" his shocked look seems to say, "Sarek has defected to the Romulans!"

There was a display of ST props in the pro art room, including Nomad. The Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans had a display of pictures and chapter publications, etc., and played Nimoy records. Spock ears, scripts and other ST items were sold at the auctions. (I missed the auctions—anybody willing to sell or trade me an ear?) A few Enterprise costumes, not many, were seen at the Costume Parade (which took place in a roomful of pillars along with a light show and rock bands).

Gene Roddenberry gave a talk titled "...To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before". He also attended the banquet and accepted a special award for producing ST. The Hugo for "The City on the Edge of Forever" was presented to Harlan Ellison.

And there was the GRAS party. That's Gene Roddenberry Apreciation Society, a "conspiracy" started by the "Cartel" (also known as the editors of KEVAS AND TRILLIUM and the founders of the Mark Lenard International Fan Club). One poor fan missed the party because when asked "Are you with GRAS?" he thought he was being asked if he smoked grass, and said no.... But those attending had a most enjoyable time. Roddenberry was presented with a portfolio of letters, poems, stories and other tokens of appreciation from fans. He and the others spent some time talking with and signing autographs for fans (some of whom were wearing Gene Roddenberry sweatshirts).

Besides Mike Minor's star bases and other art, some fan drawings end paintings of ST people were entered in the art show. One prize-winner was titled "The Enterprise Blows Up" (by Gordon Monson). There would have been more ST art in the show, but a suitcase of Bush pictures was lost and not located until after the con. Bush also had the most successful ST costume in the costume ball—as the green Orion slave girl, she was one of the finalists.

For this fanatic, the last week of August and the first week of September was one big Star Trek "party"— spent much of the time before, during and after Baycon meeting" and visiting with other ST fans. Next Labor Day weekend, the Worldcon will be in St. Louis—hope to see you all there! [1]



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