The FANAC Fan History Project

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Name: The FANAC Fan History Project
Owner/Maintainer: Florida Association for Nucleation And Conventions (F.A.N.A.C.)
Dates: 1996-present
Fandom: SF Fandom
URL: website

facebook page

youtube channel
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The FANAC Fan History Project "was started in 1996 to archive fanzines, convention information, fan histories and photographs about science fiction fandom."[1] The project's current offerings include the website, the online edition of Fancyclopedia, and a youtube channel.

As of February 2022, estimated that it had scanned at least 16,634 issues of 991 fanzines.[2]

It is sponsored by F.A.N.A.C., a nonprofit in Florida that previously sponsored the 1992 WorldCon. See Fancyclopedia.


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