Kelly Freas

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Name: Frank Kelly Freas
Alias(es): Kelly Freas
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
"Kelly Freas dressed up in his Klingon guise as 'Lt. Krylic' at ReKWest*Con" -- cover of Spectrum #27, art by Marty Siegrist (1976).
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Kelly Freas was a professional science fiction artist who was also a Star Trek fan. He drew several Star Trek pieces, including a set of portraits for Officers of the Bridge, a booklet produced for a 1976 New York convention.

In his professional life, he was known as the Dean of Science Fiction artists (to complement author Robert A. Heinlein's designation as the Dean of Science Fiction). His art appears on the covers of many well known sf novels.

Sharon Ferraro wrote a profile of Kelly Freas for Menagerie #6 (1975), called "A Gremlin in Trekland."

a self-portrait printed in 1975 for the ReKWest*Con program book, a con at which Freas was the Guest of Honor