Sharon Ferraro

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Name: Sharon Ferraro
Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek
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Sharon Ferraro is a Star Trek: TOS fiction writer, zine publisher, and con organizer. She often worked with Paula Smith.

portrait of Sharon and "Storyteller" by Paulie Gilmore from Menagerie #17
a portrait of Paula and Sharon Ferraro by Joni Wagner from Menagerie #5

Her Words in 1976

For me, ST fandom grew out of an ad in the local newspaper. A club was forming locally and I managed to screw up the courage to call the number in the article and make it to the meeting. Since then, about 4 years ago, its been all uphill. (Or downhill if you're like some of my college profs.) I've gone to cons, published zines and newsletters, collated for hours uncounted, typed out STW and etc., letters till I couldn't see straight, missed family events, and spent much more time and money on my "hobby" than I could afford. But it was all done out of love-- for Trek, for fans, for something of the future incompletely glimpsed. And, with the recent naming of the Space Shuttle (And a graceful bird she is!) the Enterprise, my belief in both the future of humanity and Trekfans was re-affirmed. We are not just lonely "Trekkies" misunderstood and far scattered, alone or in small bunches separated by Long Distance Phone Rates and Post Office Snail Mail. Together we are strong. We spoke our minds and the world heard. [1]