George Barr

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Name: George Barr
Type: artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS & Tolkien
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George Barr is a fanartist. Grup #2 notes he was professional artist who worked on the Star Trek: TOS set during the third season.

A fan remembers Barr commenting on and to a group of neo-fan artists: "You draw eyes, mouths, noses, cheek-bones, and ears very well, but you don't quite put them in the right places." [1]

Winner of a Hugo Award

Barr was the winner of the 1968 Best Artist Hugo.

From the awards speech:

[HARLAN ELLISON]: The nominees this year are:  George Barr,  (The little green dragon) Johnny Chambers,  Steve Stiles,  Arthur Thomson (better known as ATom),  Bjo Trimble.

Dum de dum. I didn’t bring the suspense tape this year. The reaction last year was a riot. The winner this year is George Barr. Accepting for George Barr will be Bjo Trimble. That takes guts. She’s got a great looking couple of babies. One of them bit me.

[BJO TRIMBLE]: George very modestly wrote me, after I asked him what he would do in case he won a Hugo. He said, “First I’m going to faint, then on the very off chance that all of those people out there actually think I’m a good enough artist to win a Hugo, I want you to go up and pick it up, because you look better up there than I do anyway.” I don’t quite agree with that. George is one of the most wonderful people I know. He is very, very shy. I wish he could be up here and see how many people think he’s really great. Thank you. [2]



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