Robert E. Howard

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Name: Robert E. Howard
Also Known As:
Occupation: Author
Works: Conan the Barbarian, others
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Robert E. Howard was an early pulp author best known for his creation Conan the Barbarian. He is considered the father of the Sword and Sorcery genre, later known as Heroic Fantasy. Most of his work appeared in Weird Tales, and he was also a member of the Lovecraft circle who contributed to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Howard died of suicide in 1936, and his worldbuilding essay The Hyborian Age was published shortly afterward by The Phantagraph.



  • The Howard Collector (1961-2011), edited by Glenn Lord - items by or about Robert E. Howard
  • The Howard Review (1975-2008), edited by Dennis McHaney - items by or about Robert E. Howard
  • Robert E. Howard's Fight Magazine (1990-1996), edited by Robert M. Price - dedicated to Howard's boxing stories.
  • Robert E. Howard: World's Greatest Pulpster (2001), edited by Dennis McHaney - discontinued at first printing.
  • Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter (2007-ongoing), edited by Patrice Louinet - newsletter for the Friends of REH and Legacy Circle members of the Robert E. Howard Foundation