Classic Comics U.K. Zines

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Name: Classic Comics U.K. Zines
Owner/Maintainer: David Hathaway-Price
Fandom: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, other comics
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Classic Comics U.K. Zines is a website hosting comics fanzines published in the UK.


A few people back in 2006 or so, had mentioned on one of Lew's blog posts how nice it would be if some of the zines were to be made available to read on-line, and suggested that 'someone' should scan them and make them available... Needless to say, I couldn't find anyone who had actually taken up that gauntlet (I can understand, it is a lot of work), so I decided to have a go myself.

Over the last two years, I've been collecting together as many Fanzines as I can get my hands on, and contacting as many editors as I can find, to ask for permission to produce PDF files of their zines and place them on-line. The response has been amazing, and you can see the first tentative steps to the idea becoming a reality, here.

I hope that this will prove to be a real kick for those of us who were involved in the scene to be able to read these again. Nice as well I hope for the 'Net generation' to see what all the fuss was about.

Together with the help of some very kind people mentioned on the credits page, I've scanned the zines we've been able to find so far, and cleaned up the sometimes crumbling and poorly printed pages in Photoshop.

Personal addresses have been removed from the zines (after 30 plus years, they are probably out of date, and besides, the guilty need to be protected), and the pdf files are then generated.

This is very much still only the start of the project, and the zines presented here are only scratching the surface of what was produced. It's a huge undertaking, and I would welcome anyone who would like to help by donating their own scans and information to this project. Several people have loaned me their own zines, (which I treat with the utmost care and return quickly after scanning) so that's also an option.

I'm under no illusion that I can do this all on my own, but with help, I'd eventually like to be able to provide a repository of as many Comics Fanzines printed in the U.K. as possible. Please feel free to contact me if you feel you can help in any way.

I hope you enjoy reading the zines. A lot of love and care went into them originally, and I've tried to give them the same respect myself, here.


The following zines are hosted on the site: