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Name: Aloy
Relationships: Rost - Father Figure
Fandom: Horizon Zero Dawn
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Aloy is the main protagonist in the Horizon video game series, starting with Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017.


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Aloy was cast out of the Nora tribe at birth, and was raised by the outcast Rost. She enters a competition after her coming of age to re-join the Nora tribe and wins, however the tribe is then suddenly attacked by cultists. The cultists have the ability to control the animal-machines of their world, and after Aloy learns about her mysterious birth decides to head off and save her people while looking for answers. She is able to turn the aggressive machines into friendly companions. With their help, Aloy is able to defeat the cultists and the evil machines, and discovers where she came from. In the end, she learns that she was a clone of an ancient human scientist named Dr. Sobeck.


Fanon & Headcanons

Queer Identity

Though not being canonically queer, many fans headcanon her as such. Bi appears to be relatively common, though lesbian headcanons also exist.

The sapphic portion of the HZD fandom has a habit of shipping her with every woman she comes across, and many will multiship.


Het appears to be the most common dynamic, followed by femslash. Her pairing up with Erend seems to be the most popular of the former, and her pairing up with Talanah seems to be the most popular of the latter.





Common Tropes & Themes

  • BAMF!Aloy - Aloy is known for being fairly badass, and this trope is common enough to have its own canonised tag.[1]
  • Fandom Bicycle




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