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Name(s): Rose and Rosie, Rose & Rosie, Rose Ellen Dix, Rosie Spaughton
Scope/Focus: Youtube
Date(s): 20 June 2010–present
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Rose and Rosie are married Youtubers known for their sapphic content (Rose is a lesbian, Rosie is bi). The two currently share a surname (Daughton), though their original names were Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton. They're known for their reactions to gay media, vlogs and Let's Plays.


The pair are relatively well known in sapphic online communities, and many young lesbians, bi and other queer women will acknowledge Rose and Rosie as important parts of their own journey to self acceptance.


  • Frogs/Fwogs - An affectionate term relating to fans of the pair.


The couple were two of many online vloggers who took part in hosting BBC Radio 1's Internet Takeover from September 1st 2014 – April 25th 2016. They've interacted with Dan and Phil because of it.[1]

Other Impacts on Fandom

Clips from some of their videos have been used in crack vids. In particular:

Rose: Seriously, what's the guy there for?
Rosie:[...] I don't know, maybe he needs money or something?[2]

This short reaction of theirs will sometimes, though certainly not always, be used when the crack vid editor is attempting to dismiss a female character's male love interest in favour of another woman, usually when all three are in the same scene.



Fanfiction for the pairing seems to be focused on Wattpad. The pair's Ao3 tags seem to be lacking though they do exist.

Rose and Rosie themselves have responded to some of the fanfic written about them in the form of videos.[3]

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