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This article is an overview of Chinese-speaking fandom. For the category, including articles about communities within the fandom, see Category:Chinese-Speaking Fandom.
Name(s): Chinese-Speaking Fandom
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Chinese Fandom and Chinese Media is often shortened to C-fandom and C-media respectively.[1] Fanquan is a term often translated as fandom, but has other connotations.

Short Glossary


  • BL meaning boy love. This differs from other uses
  • danmei for example.

Common Tropes

Cmedia has certain tropes and genres that are particularly common or unique, especially in comparison to English Media works. Here are some of these tropes.

  • Faceslapping
  • Transmigration
  • Cultivation
  • System fics (A game controls your life)
  • Vomiting blood
  • Court intrigue
  • Concubines and harems (related to court intrigue but not necessarily)
  • Kinship terms used for non-relatives

History of Chinese Fandom

Early transformative works?

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Modern Chinese Fandoms

Some popular cfandoms include

RPF fandoms

Idols and actors often have their own fandoms. Often, this is spurred by reality TV shows.

Celebrity fandoms

In particular, fans of dinglius.

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Chinese Authors in efandoms

Due to the global nature of certain franchises, some efandoms have a significant number of Chinese fans and Chinese-language works. Some of these fandoms include

Fan life in China

Fandom/internet Slang

  • cp : Short for "couple". See CP Fan
  • 222
  • che(车) [2]
  • 攻(gōng),受(shòu),年下, and 年上 [3]

Shipping Culture

The order a shipname is written in is very important: it signifies who is the dominant one in the relationship, and in a slash relationship, who tops. For het ships however, the male name almost always goes first.

Creator and fan relationship

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I'm thinking of how Chinese users got so mad bc Zhongli from Genshin Impact (a game) was weak in his first iteration, that i heard the company actually apologised and made him way more powerful. I think this kind of 'must cater to fans' mentality might not be as strong in efandom? (subpoint is i read a claim that chinese fans are more jaded because there are a lot of adaptations and money grabs..?)

Centres of fan activity


Interaction with Ao3

Chinese-language fandoms have presented unique challenges in tagging and tag wrangling. The issue of diacritics was especially contentious in the The Untamed fandom. See the "Hello everyone. i'm one of the ao3 tag wranglers for mdzs" twitter thread for more.

As stated earlier, shipping tags have also been complained about. For example, see this 2022 weibo post complaining about how different characters topping are thrown together in one ship tag (machine-translated):

The biggest problem between AO3 and foreigners is that there is no distinction between positive and negative. Searching AB and turning a few pages will give me a bunch of BAs, which seriously hurts the feelings of people who are not inverse! ! ! [4]

AO3 supertalk on weibo

See also Chinese_Fans_on_AO3:_A_History.

Conventions / Events

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Fan Activities

Event Organisation: event types -- Asian fandoms really like cafe type events, so merch would include like cup-sleeves and coasters etc that come with your drink

Merch? The whole Lofter points to taobao thing (?) International PO for fans of cmedia outside of China?

There are a few challenges that seem unique to Chinese Fandom. Selling fan merch, like acrylic standees and shikishi, seems popular.

  • 24H challenge (and variants)


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NSFW filters can be very strict.

In 2020, Ao3 was blocked in China.

Media coverage


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