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Name: Lofter
Owner/Maintainer: 网易 (NetEase)
Dates: December 2011-present
Type: microblogging
Fandom: general
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Lofter is a microblogging platform used largely in China. It is similar to (and inspired by) Tumblr.[1]

Lofter's fandom presence is also similar to Tumblr's, mostly consisting of fanfiction and fanart, as well as fic translated from English.

As NSFW content is banned, before AO3 was blocked in China it used to be common practice to upload the NSFW chapter on Ao3 and include the link in the Lofter post, at least in the QZGS (全职高手) fandom.

There are frequent purges of content on lofter, particularly NSFW content, due to censorship policies. That makes it necessary to save anything you really want to find again locally, as much is often removed over the years.



For fans who do not speak or read Chinese but are in cmedia fandoms, other bilingual fans have created occasional resources to help search Lofter's somewhat unintuitive tagging. From List of Common Keywords for Lofter, a tumblr post by jouissancetka:

Most authors tag in the work itself, and not actually in the tags, and when they DO tag in the tags, you can’t search for multiple tags at once, so that’s pretty useless.

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