Lofter 2020 Ship Statistics

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Title: AO3 Ship Stats 2014
Creator: jouissancetka
Medium: tumblr post
Fandom: panfandom, cfandom
Topic: Shipping, fandom statistics
External Links: Tumblr Lofter Source
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Lofter 2020 Ship Statistics was translated and analysed by Jouissance on Tumblr.

Includes tags from anime/donghua/animations, comics/manga/manhua, games, tv shows, novels but NOT real person fictions.

Overall Top 20

The Lofter link has the top 150 ships.

The Top 20 pairings on Lofter in 2020.

Rank Pairing Tags Chinese Tag Canon Chinese Canon name
20 KatsuDeku, BakuDeku, Katsuki Bakugo/Izuku Midoriya 胜出 Boku No Hero Academia 我的英雄学院
19 YeLan, Ye Xiu/Lanhe, Ye Xiu/Blue River, Ye Xiu/Xu Boyuan 叶蓝 The King's Avatar 全职高手
18 Drarry, Draco/Harry, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter 德哈 Harry Potter 哈利波特
17 OuBing, Ne Zha/Ao Bing 藕饼 Ne Zha 2019 哪吒之魔童降世
16 Daizo/Chuuya, Daizo Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya 太中 Bungou Stray Dogs 文豪野犬
15 SanXiu, Su Muqiu/Ye Xiu 伞修 The King’s Avatar 全职高手
14 ZhouYe, Zhou Zekai/Ye Xiu 周叶 The King’s Avatar 全职高手
13 Stony, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Captain America/Ironman 盾铁 Marvel Cinematic Universe 漫威
12 RuiJin, Grey/King 瑞金 Aotu 凹凸世界
11 XiCheng, Lan Xichen/Jiang Cheng 曦澄 Modao Zushi 魔道祖师
10 AnLei, Anmicius/Ray 安雷 Aotu 凹凸世界
9 PingXie, PX, Zhang Qiling/Wu Xie 瓶邪 Daomu Biji 盗墓笔记
8 Stucky, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Captain America/Winter Soldier 盾冬 Marvel Cinematic Universe 漫威
7 JieYong, The Ripper/Mercenary, Jack/Naib Subedar 杰佣 Identity V 第五人格
6 LeiAn, Ray/Anmicius 雷安 Aotu 凹凸世界
5 LouCheng, Ming Lou/Ming Cheng 楼诚 The Disguiser 伪装者
4 Thorki, Thor/Loki 锤基 Marvel Cinematic Universe 漫威
3 YuHuang, Yu Wenzhou/Huang Shaotian 喻黄 The King’s Avatar 全职高手
2 WeiLan, Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan 魏澜 Guardian 镇魂
1 WangXian, Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian 忘羡 Modao Zushi 魔道祖师


About LeiAn and AnLei:

(Yes, them again, in reverse LMAO. I have good memories of this ship… and extremely bad ones… Long story short, there were some crazy ass people who shipped them… But anyways, Pirate/Knight, who doesn’t like?)

The reason for the different tagging is due to importance Chinese fandom places on dynamic (See Chinese Fandom Culture).

And now, Honourable Mentions

At 150, TianZang from Eastward Journey: The Empyrean, mentioned because apparently this is a ship between two cultivation sects???

Those Few BG Ships like YeCheng and SasuSaku, congrats on managing to get in there, honestly.

At 104, SilverDoc from Arknights because I love love LOVE them

At 82, this one CP called Mouse/Cat which I really REALLY hoped wasn’t Jerry/Tom and was at first too afraid to lool up, but curiosity got to me. LUCKILY it wasn’t Jerry/Tom and was actually of this CP called Bai Yutang/Zhan Zhao from Sanxia Wuyi (Qixia Wuyi)

At 72, this one ship called “ME”???? With “Social Media” as a fandom. I had NO IDEA what it was at first but then I looked it up. It was the ONE Real Person fiction couple that had managed to sneakily sneak in of Mark Zuckerberg X Eduardo Saverin apparently LOL