Bungou Stray Dogs

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Name: Bungou Stray Dogs
Abbreviation(s): BSD, Bungo Stray Dogs
Creator: Kafka Asagiri (writer), Sango Harukawa (illustrator)
Date(s): 2012 - present (manga), April 1st 2014 - present (anime)
Medium: Manga, Light Novel, Anime, Film, Video Game
Country of Origin: Japan
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Bungou Stray Dogs is a seinen manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa for Young Ace. All the characters' names and superpowered abilities are based off of writers and their literary works from the characters' country of origin. For example, a major antagonist is an American businessman named Fitzgerald with the Ability Great Gatsby. In addition to the manga, BSD has an anime in its third season from Bones, two Bones films, and five light novels. The second light novel, Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era, is very important to the fandom and was adapted into the first four episodes of the second season, while the fifth light novel, Fifteen, was adapted into the first episodes of the third season.

Canon Overview

Atsushi Nakajima is cast out of the orphanage where he grew up and where the orphanage director tortured him. He struggles to survive in the outside world, making up his mind in Yokohama that he must steal if he wants to eat. However, when he's choosing a target, he finds a young man floating head down in the river. Atsushi saves the man in the river, who gives his name as Dazai, but instead of being rewarded, Atsushi is yelled at for interrupting Dazai's suicide attempt. Dazai reveals that he works for the Abilities Detective Agency, who are looking for a rampaging tiger. Atsushi believes the tiger is targeting him; however, it turns out that Atsushi is the tiger, unknowingly turning into the beast when under direct moonlight. Dazai invites Atsushi to the ADA, where he gains control of his Ability, and begins facing a range of Abilities organization, starting with the local Port Mafia, then an American organization, the government division dealing with Abilities, and the Russian Decay of Angels.


  • Nakajima Atsushi

The protagonist, who works for the Detective Agency.

  • Dazai Osamu

The mentor to Atsushi, with a mysterious past in the mafia. Very popular in the fandom due to his care-free attitude that hides his painful past, his good looks and his ability to be a badass in fights.

  • Akutagawa Ryunosuke

The foil to Atsushi, a young man in the mafia.

  • Oda Sakunosoke or Odasaku

A figure from Dazai's past in the mafia.

  • Nakahara Chuuya

Dazai's old partner from the mafia.



Dazai and Chuuya were partners in the mafia, where they were an unstoppable duo called soukoku (double black), and now hate each other. In fandom the ship is also referred to as soukoku or skk. As of April 2020, this ship is the most popular in the fandom on AO3 by far, with 7627 works tagged out of 17775 total. This ship is probably at least partially responsible for the amount of Chuuya content and popularity, as he is a fairly minor character with only a few appearances otherwise. The ship is very popular despite Dazai and Chuuya only having a few interactions "on-screen" in canon.

The most popular ship for both characters involved. Also known as shin-soukoku, meaning new-soukoku, or sskk, as it is referred to in canon. The second-most popular ship on AO3 with 1760 works.

Less popular than soukoku or shinsoukoku. This plays on Dazai's mentoring role to Atsushi.

Odasaku often takes on the mentoring role to Dazai. Lots of angst potential.

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