Katsuki Bakugou/Midoriya Izuku

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Pairing: Izuku Midoriya/Katsuki Bakugou
Alternative name(s): BakuDeku, KatsuDeku, Dekacchan, Katsuki/Izuku, Kacchan/Deku
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Canonical?: non canon
Prevalence: High
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Katsuki Bakugou/Midoriya Izuku, or Bakudeku, is a slash ship in the fandom Boku no Hero Academia.


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Midoriya and Bakugou are childhood best friends. However, Bakugou, who is extremely proud of his talent with his Quirk, begins bullying Midoriya for being Quirkless and weak. Bakugou enforces the societal view that Midoriya cannot succeed in his dream of becoming a Pro Hero. Bakugou gives Midoriya the mocking nickname "Deku," meaning useless, while Midoriya continues to call Bakugou by his cutesy childhood nickname, Kacchan.

Midoriya risks his life to save Bakugou from a villain attack. When they begin attending U.A. High School, Bakugou, believing that Midoriya had lied to him about being Quirkless, becomes angry at him. Midoriya attempts to explain that his Quirk was given to him, but is unable to elaborate beyond that without breaking the confidence of All Might. Bakugou doesn't believe Midoriya, and the lack of a proper explanation leads to him cementing his fear that Midoriya had secretly been looking down on him for their entire lives.

After a climactic fight in which Bakugou reveals these misconceptions and confides his own insecurities about his role in pushing All Might into retirement (Deku Vs. Kacchan part 2), the two finally clear the air once and for all, and develop a mutually respectful rivalry.


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BakuDeku is the most popular ship in the Eastern BnHA fandom, and one of the most popular ships in the Western fandom. According to fandometrics on Tumblr, in 2018 Bakudeku was #16 on the most popular ships list[1]. As of June 2019, there are over 9000 works on AO3, and it is has become the most tagged BNHA ship on the site, overtaking Tododeku.

Common Tropes & Fanon

In canonverse fanfiction, it's common for the stories to include some sort of redemption arc for Bakugou, in which he apologizes for his past behavior. This is especially true of early BakuDeku fanfiction, which was written at a time when Midoriya and Bakugou's relationship was far more antagonistic. Now that the two are on better terms, there has been an increasing focus in canonverse fanfiction on mutual character development and growth.

As far as AU fic go, soulmate AUs are particularly common, capitalizing on Bakugou and Midoriya's complementary personalities and ideals.


The largest BNHA fandom controversy is over the acceptability of BakuDeku as a ship, as some in the fandom disapprove of shipping Midoriya with his childhood bully. This controversy is largely related to mixed opinions about Bakugou and his attitude, cultural nuances lost in translation, and fanon misconceptions about the extent of the ship's antagonistic history.[2] However, it's understandable why viewers/readers would be repulsed by ship; in the first chapter alone, Bakugo attacks a defenseless young Midoriya, threatens him not to go to UA, and suggests to Midoriya to throw himself off the school's roof. Worsening matters, Bakugo has yet to apologize to Midoriya in canon, a sore point for critics.

The biggest controversy around the nature of their relationship is the elephant in the room, bullying, and cultural differences in the perception of it in Japan and the West. In Japan, where bullying is considered more of a personal matter, Bakugo's aggression is not a big issue. Outside of Japan, however, bullying is treated more seriously, hence Bakugo's actions, and the apparent lack of repercussions in canon, has rubbed Western audiences the wrong way.

Although the staunch Anti-BakuDeku subset of the fandom is relatively small, the vocal minority has lead some shippers to feel generally wary of people who do not ship BakuDeku, particularly those who ship popular "competitor" ships, such as KiriBaku and TodoDeku, although the vast majority of BakuDeku shippers have no problems with those ships in and of themselves.

The fandom’s overall reputation is mixed, but appears to be slightly on the negative side. Fans of the ship have been accused of "romanticizing" or excusing Bakugo's years of bullying towards Midoriya, causing some shippers to get defensive and lash out against critics. This has only soured their reputation in the fandom, especially on Tumblr, where they will comment on critical metas, much to the OP's annoyance.

In August 2018, a blocklist made by and for BakuDeku shippers began circulating on Tumblr of well-known "Antis", in four tiers of "Yikes". The reaction was mixed. Some of the users listed in the blocklist took this as a source of pride and turned it into a meme. Others pointed out that users who had not partaken in any form of harassment were in the top tier, well above known pedophiles and transphobes. Again, this has not helped the BKDK fandom's reputation.



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