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Zines focused on the Boku no Hero Academia series.

General / No Ships

Zine Title Details Moderators Year of Publication Status
Arise Fashion zine JAMMY & JELLY ZINES (Mod Jammy, Mod Jelly) 2017-2018 Complete
Arise Winter Edition Fashion zine JAMMY & JELLY ZINES (Mod Jammy, Mod Jelly) 2019-2020 Complete
RISE (zine) U.A. Big Three Tawni, Nik and Mack 2018
AFTERMATH Angst it-zines (Mod KirishiMom, Mod Star) 2019 In Production
BNHA Domestic Zine Domestic life Mod Rae, Mod Mia 2018 Complete
Boku no Birthday Academia Birthday celebrations Cynthia, Mix 2018-2019
Sun for All Summer vacation 2016-2017 Complete
Of Heroes and Legends Pokemon crossover 2017 Free PDF, Complete
Plus Ultra and Beyond Disney @tokoyumi, xxamilychanxx 2018 Complete
Around the World BNHA characters traveling together janjanxx, yueu 2018 Complete
QUIRKS: an Unofficial BNHA Fanzine Multiple Characters Aish, Mack 2018
Snow for All Winter vacation 2018 Complete
Class Zero: a BNHA OC Zine OCs Psycho, Shin, Tart 2019
My Comic Academia Comics, Two zines "Unity" and "Adversity" Moddo, Slepsy, Jinkou 2019 Complete
Bushido Honor Feudal era Japan Eterna, Suki, Jinyuuichii, ceriseisacolor 2019 Waiting for Leftovers
BNHA Tarot Project Tarot deck with BNHA characters Fif, Flame, Vell, Jordan. Mod Michaela was originally part of the project, but removed after the Hallowzine incident. 2019 Complete
Snowed In Snow/Winter ComputerGecko, Catsuki 2018-2019 Complete
BNHA Slumber Party Zine!! Slumber party/sleepover Britt, Wave 2018 Complete
What Makes a Hero Mentors/students Deafmic, Popsicleofdeath, SphereKuriboh 2018 Complete
IRIDESCENT Colors of the rainbow JAMMY & JELLY ZINES (Jelly, Jammy) 2018 Complete
Triple Threat Villain trio of Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga Enzou, Blu 2019 Complete
Villains For Real Justice, Archived version Villains Sukdraw, Yaboykirishima, toidinami 2018 Complete
Gentle light blinks in winter [Dead link] || Todoroki family || Flame || 2019 || Unknown
Smash Hit Movie posters mellific 2019 Complete
Lowlights Lowlights, nightttime Low Light Zines (Tien, Charlie, Sammy, Sei, Kenny) 2019 Complete
Astraeus Space Ashlyn, Dani, Miles 2019
Katsukitchen Bakugou's cooking Rav, Lucy, Nat 2019 Complete
Katsukitchen 2: Back for Seconds Bakugou Katsuki's cooking Lucy, Nat 2020 Complete
School's Out! Daily lives of heroes and kids from Class 1-A Keii, Ari, Meg, Zel, Amatia 2019 Complete
Heroes & Dragons Dungeons and Dragons Studio Zines (Maz) 2019
Powers & Peculiarities Regency Period Liz, Yu, Nenya 2019 Complete
Mighty Morphing Mutant Zine (3MZ) Mutants and morphs from the MHA universe Ky, Maz, Cookie, Niks 2019 Complete
BONDS Fatgum & his interns (Tamaki and Kirishima) Enzou, Blu, Suki, Cookie, Seiju, Raleigh 2019-2020
Ghibli Academia Studio Ghibli Mei-the-monster, Rosyabomination, Belmoroe, Spiderfif, Thecookiemonster77 2019 Complete
Dadzawa Aizawa being a dad Rin, Selwyn, Zel, Niki, Ree 2019 Complete
Paws Ultra! Animals Anchan, Blu, Seiju, Buttons, Fif, Zel 2019 Complete
Villain Deku Zine: Ikigai (V!D9) Villain!Deku AU Current mod team: the-button-harlequin, @lennylion 2018-2020
Into the Stars Zodiac Cookie, Mary, rosa, Ary 2019 Complete
Big Damn Heroes Future Nenya, Rosa, Annika 2019 Complete
Once Upon A Quirk Fairytales Initial mod team: Ari/Alice, Shoto, Red, morninwarri0r, Shinsou, Raven. The shipping/graphic design mod stepped down during the pre-orders period. [1] 2019 Complete, turned into a free PDF
The Hero's Mythos Gods and myths Initial mod team: Fif, Slepsy, Dom, Danie, Ary Ending mod team: Mag, Cookie, Jammy, Jelly, Thais, Mel, Bob] 2019 Complete
For Honor and Glory Fantasy Mods: ScheeleLillies, Lucy, Raven
Junior Mod: Once
2019 Zines never shipped
Alliance Marvel Comics crossover Bree--Onne, LordSparkleShorts, Nicky, Cynthia, Paigy 2019
Purrs Ultra Cat cafe DigitalPopsicle, Dovaldraws 2019 Complete
Versed in Quirky Poetry Poetry, seasons Naudia, Cherry, Lucy, Nate, Alex, HapSky 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Boku no Boys BNHA boys Mods: Lee, Gab, Forest
Mod Interns: Marumenkai, Skootle
2020 Leftover Sales Open
League of Heroes League of Legends Mods: Jinx, Rumble
Mod Interns: Ahri, Mic
2020 In Production
Help Wanted UA students working part-time jobs Autumn, Nichole 2020 In Production
Eccentricities Steampunk nekon, Cate, Mel, 1Estel1 (Mod Intern) 2020 Complete
Girl Power! Girls of BNHA Peachfemmes, Illuminatedweasel, Ghost-maya, I-write-wins-not-tragedies, Cmykae, Ohmytheon, Radiatetime, Greeniedoll 2020 Complete
ColdFlame, Archived version Todoroki family Nissie, CK, Kelly 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Making a Hero Hero internships Kay, Bitty, Forest, Marina 2020 Leftover Sales Open
After Hours Student-free NSFW zine about heroes and villains in their downtime Top Mods: Niks, Prince, Dee
Mods: Tea, Buttons, Kenny
Mod Intern: Lyn
2020 Complete
Recovery Recovery Mari, Dave, Abel 2020 Complete
Timeless Characters in different time periods Nash, Lo, Cass, Meg 2020 In Production
Eri and Friends Kids activity book, interactions between Eri and her friends KSA Productions (Krypt, Sirius, Aivilo/Liv, Keeko) 2020 In Production
L'ART OCCULTE: ULTRA ARCANA L’Art Occulte is a zine focusing on the concept of tarots in relation to BNHA characters accompanied by a deck composed of the Major Arcana cards. Dey, Tish, Kaye, Grow, Mustard, Nagisa, Yuzu, Gheren 2020-2022 Shipping
Behind the Scenes Zine, Archived version Actor AU Lanni, Viki, Mari, Charlie, Kit 2020 In Production
A Winter Dawn, Archived version Todoroki Family asianmc-aj, ennestra ,goldenrodcitty, livinglittlelie, mistystarshine, Archived version 2021 Complete
Blackguard Villain AU Explosion-Boi, starofinsomnia, Cherry 2019 Free PDF, Complete
International Patrol world and culture exploration zine Livvy 2019 Complete, Originally for Charity, Free PDF released
Journey to Glory: A BNHA Fantasy Zine Fantasy AU, A free digital redemption zine born from "For Honor and Glory" Kumeko, Anizines 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Kaleidoscope, Archived version Alternative fashion styles May (stepped down) replaced by EJ, Empress, Rose 2020 Free PDF, Complete
The Ties that Bind Us: A BNHA Gen Zine platonic relationship focused Ace, Kero, Chris, Zanna 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Heroes Ever After Disney crossover Honey, Linh, Chi 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Poké no Hero Pokémon AU Saturn, Shou, Ash, Anemone 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Snow Globes, Archived version Winter theme bumblewyn 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Villain Analysis for the Future: A BNHA Villain Zine, Archived version Based on Deku's hero analysis notebooks, with a focus on villains Kiki, Hevanati 2021 Free PDF, Complete
My Hero Pantheon, Archived version Mythology AU 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Tidal Heroes, Archived version Underwater Fantasy AU Brii, Daniel, Dina, Kei, Tara 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Dog Days: A Summer BNHA Zine, Archived version summer themed yanmazu 2021 Free PDF, Complete
IMPOSTER SYNDROME: An Among Us BNHA Zine Among Us Crossover Lo, Brash, Kei, Cala, Nestyguts, Sai, Feonixe 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Heroes in the Baking cookbook Peach, Peter Henry, Vic, imp 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Class Clown: BNHA Zine 1-A comedy Clairvuyant, Slug, MahoganyDoodles, Lynt 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Redemption: A BNHA Villains as Heroes Zine villains as heroes Alice, Liz, Mel, Sora, Plutonia 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Less Than Legal: A BNHA Vigilantes Zine Vigilantes spinoff Mel, Cary, Rad, Oxy, Lemon 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Quirk no Jutsu BNHA x Naruto ED, Kairi, Marina, Spine, Aster, Phoenix, Sarah, Archived version, jowa-ni-bakugo, Archived version 2021 Free PDF, Complete
MHA Beach Day! beach themed Mika, Mack, Addie, Aiysha, Dylan, Devo, Dia, Yuka 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Bomb Voyage: A Bakusquad Zine Bakusquad friendships kamunamis, izucaii, irisowari 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Bite-Sized Love: A Valentine Mini Zine valentine themed ohmokawrites 2022 Free PDF, Complete
League of Villains: The Zine League of Villains Smokey, Flame, Dust 2022 Cancelled, Turned into Free PDF
Chibi Chiefers Cookbook mini cannabis cookbook Zia, Blaque, Sunnie, Koox, Ari, Prince, Fal 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Born from Evil: A Dad for One Anthology All for One as Midoriya Izuku's father Tuna, Rhys, Cyber, Kayamii, Kure 2022 Leftovers
Creati's Craft Compendium Class 1-A craft zine Dina, Lee 2021 Complete
Corrupted: MHA Villain AU Villain AU, NSFW 2022 Complete
BNHA.MP3: A BNHA ASMR Zine fanzine ft. comfort audios, illustrations, poetry + more Keats, Mari 2021 Complete
Bloom flower languages Marina, Kairi, Sai, Dina S 2021-2022 Complete
Astraeus Astrology, later released as Free PDF Yaba, Magnus, Deanvspanties, Fall, Lala Zee, Kay, Frappes 2021-2022 Complete
Found Family found family bonds Crow, KayeJ, Ellanor, Lupi, Dey 2021-2022 Complete
Fright Night horror; more graphic content (NSFW?) in digital add on "Blood Bath" LetsFractureThings, EmeraldWaves 2021 Complete
Haven found family Annie, Brii, Calix, Hana, Zi 2021 Complete
Hop, Step, Fly!! Hawks and Miruko friendship Tanju, DrAphra, Michi, ohmoka, Jason, Momo 2021-2022 Complete
Horizon Travel and fashion Chris, Peach, Jeeejae, Rinn 2021 Complete
Kitchen Hero cookbook May, Shott, Mari, Frappi, Flor 2021-2022 Complete
Liberation focused on Paranormal Liberation Front Azazel, Irrlicht, Lucyfer, Otsiesum, Sabriel 2021-2022 Complete
LOTUS disability-centric aavocado, greyedscale, Aiysha, Caia, Deviation, Faye, Natsu 2021-2022 Complete
PLUS ULTRA Retro '80s Aesthetics Kahi, Ver, Zelina, Aria, Alley, Casey 2022 Complete
Villains Rising: A MVA Zine Dark lives of all BNHA Villains, with NSFW digital add on Steph, Shelbie, Christine, B, Nat, Chains (intern), Tie (intern), Kure 2022 Leftovers
Quirks and Curses BNHA x JJK Mox, Yato, Pummelou, Tyy, Frydough, CD, Asteria 2022 Production
Legends Mythology Shai/Sage, Jules, Calamansi, Miki 2022 Production
Peas in a Pod 16+, Dekusquad at UA Ace, LeeLemon, Sora, Ruby 2022 Shipping
Ace of Spades Mafia AU Dinopiggie, Kit, Piper, Bobbinslave 2022 Production
Endless Summer Voltron Legendary Defenders crossover Moxchii, Braze, Vee, Natsu, Alex, Sav 2022 Production
Behind the Scenes Volume 2 Where BNHA is a TV show and the characters are actors Lannlannz, Youseimanami, Charlsteas, Prestocrayon 2022 Production
The Whispering Deep MerMay zine with BNHA and Bleach Shapooda, ClickTK, Plouton, Chujellies, Poundcakecrm, KittieMitties 2022 Shipping
Serenity Self-care Carmine, JY.CC, Red, Mac 2022 Complete
Bunnies! bunnies, SFW/NSFW Aavocado, CarmineCranes, Greyedscale 2022 Production
Hero Network Celebrity chef AU cookbook Liv, Lucy, Meg, Nat 2022 Shipping
Alive+ 18+ NSFW, undead Katsu, Decay, Enby 2022 Preorders
Color Theory Socio-economic discussions through artistry Occasiona1humor, Aegrisomnia89, Zeirinn 2022 Preorders
Staycation Class 1-A dorm life, with digital add-on "Sabbatical" and a Zine WIP add-on Madalyn, Sophie, Renee <3, Fay, Kaara, Aijou, Hope, Rein, Olivia 2022 Preorders
Crown Dark royalty AU, NSFW Klutzy, Asteria, Katsu, Stix, Tea, Yuuki 2022 Creation
Cam Star Heroes 18+, cam stars and sex worker positivity Arson, Antiboo, Red, Pierce 2022 Creation
My Hero Halloween: Dragon Smash 18+ NSFW, dragon theme Arson, Kit, Atlass, Makeshiftdust, Luke 2022 Shipping
Wish You Were Here Vacation Blue, Calamansi, Kaley, Amber 2022 Preorders
A Hero's Day Off: Heroes vs Villains OC zine about heroes and villains at work Hiro, Freya, Jams, Nova, Plus Creation
Noctem Mortis Horror, 18+ Tea, Rivkae, Katsu, Dark, DecayLux, Mersie, Corvid Creation
Hell or High Water Demon-themed King, Ronnie, Alex, Less, Ray, Pip Creation
Heroes United Tiger & Bunny crossover Alex, Ray, Tulip, Yuki, Jodie, Hyphen, TK Creation
Mindful MHA Mental health in MHA Fenyx, Taela, Danny, Hyuge, Kaz Creation
RE//DUX BNHA videogame crossover Arson, Atlass, CT, Alex, Boot Cancelled
Nova Pulse 18+ Cyberpunk Luke, Moo, Arson, Doni, Aki, Carmine, Mersie, Turtle Contributor apps
At Your Service Maids and butlers Alex, Rivkae, JJ, Mersie, Tea, Fish Interest Check
Vile League of Villains fashion Interest Check soon
A Hero's Day Off OC zine, orders appear to be open indefinitely Hiro, Freya, March, Aiysha 2021 Complete
Acquainted with Quarantine BNHA, KNY, ATLA, and Haikyuu characters during quarantine Mage, Mei, Yachae, Zelina 2021 Complete
Heroes in Transition Trans and GNC content and creators Green, Luca, brash, Deviation, Morg 2021 Complete
Pro Hero Academia Pro heroes in high school Savvy, Kipio, Starry, Zelina, Yuzu 2021 Complete
Happy★Hour Pro-heroes off-duty 2020 Complete
Boku no Broadway Musicals Maya, Ardent, Ruby, Kori 2021 Complete
Boku no Iro Academia Coloring and activity book Candy-Cadet, Rissa, Pilot, Bakafeck, Wekhter 2020 Complete
Boku no Style fashion, was free to download for a period of time Steph, Rocio, Shannoniganz, Smurfee 2020 Complete
Mystical Hero Adventure BNHA RPG 2017 Complete
Level Up Video games Jhin, Fif, Eden 2018 Complete
BNHA Music Music, in Russian 2019
Plus Ultra and Beyond AU zine Kurapixel, acxrs, monkeyhazard, sleepyfortress 2018 Complete
Blaze It marijuana, with NSFW add-on "Midnight Munchies" Lanni, Elo 2021 Complete
B-Sides Class 1-B Saturn, Isaiah, Niks, Paigy, Magnus 2019 Complete
Bad Ritual NSFW, 18+, Villains Frac, Sachi, Charlie, Marky 2021 Complete
Alternate Mix Alternative Universe Fashion Bakeddeer, Sona 2017 Complete
Fight Like a Girl BNHA girls 2019 Complete
Don't Save Me, I'll Save You Female Pro-Hero 2021 calendar @BitchyTimeMch, @kmai_is_a_woman 2020 Complete
Chompers "cool and striking facial expressions of the characters from My Hero Academia, mainly showing their teeth" Aikansei, Beeron_Booty 2017 Complete
+Godai: Heroes in Their Elements Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover, 18+ Red, Kiri, Rinji, Frappi 2021 Complete
Heroes of the Court Haikyuu crossover Forest, Paigy, Mix, L 2019 Complete
Heroes of the Court Vol. 2 Haikyuu crossover Forest, Kori, Kuro, Rissa, Melly 2020-2021 Complete
Gender for All Gender pride 2019 Complete, Free PDF
Kintsugi mental health and trauma 2021 Complete
My Youkai Parade Youkai Tea, Kiku, Madin, Kaitlyn, Vasilias 2019 Complete
MHA Mindful Coloring book 2020 Complete, Free PDF
Nexus Code Cyberpunk Takumi, Asy, Janelle Eve, Cy, Ukie, Andrea 2020 Complete
Nightmare Fuel Villains AU 2019 Complete
Rhythm Round-Up Cowboys/westerns, with SFW and NSFW Ars, Hazel, Atem, Bek, Jesse, Temperance, Pi, Stereo, Rose 2021 Complete
Rogue Heroes to Villains Frey, Chai, Tori, Ao 2019 Complete
Plus Ultra! Switch Characters with other quirks Cara, Mango 2018 Complete
Quirks Characters' quirks toondoon1010, shouyouhno 2018 Complete
Olympian Sports AUs 2019 Complete
One Big Night Masquerade prom Mira, Forest, Lee 2020 Complete
Phoenix: From the Ashes post-apocalyptic AU Suga, Nooty, Lucy, Boot, Zaki, Kuro (former) 2020 Complete
Plus Ultra! BNHA fanbook 2016-2017 Complete
Pride Ultra! LGBTQ+ characters Meek, Key, Rissa, Starry 2020 Complete
Strings of Time Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk AUs 2020 Complete
Summer and Sun Summer Ari, Bel, Bitty, Midnight, Anemone, Calu, Tira 2019-2020 Complete
Side Quest Fantasy AU Yuna, Cath, Lainy 2019 Complete
Tales from the Shatterdome Pacific Rim AU 2019 Complete
The Mentor's Anthology Teachers teaching and learning from students Deviare, Harlow 2019 Complete
Victory Magazine/tabloid style, characters as Pro-heroes Kayden, Olivia, Ari, Rei 2020 Complete, later released as Free PDF
The Year of Heroes 2019 calendar @importantcomputerstudent, @thecookiemonster77, @jammy-draws 2019 Complete
Year One Yearbook style zine, Class 1-A Sojubee, Creemsicaal, Kimopoleis, Phaytesworld 2019 Complete
You & Me Pets Honey, Nai, Linh, Sabii 2019 Complete
Under the Spotlight Idol AU Jo, Lee, Abi, Madin, Baby, Jen 2020 Complete
Ultimate Heroic Despair Danganronpa crossover 2020 Complete
Various Quirks Vol. 1: Mix Tape Mix tape theme 2017-2018 Complete
Various Quirks Vol. 2: The Fantasy Fantasy AUs
Get Lost! Bakusquad world tour zine, twitter deleted Shay, Blue Cancelled?
Heathervale Steampunk Hiatus
Glamour Girls page deleted Cancelled
No. 666 Horror Cancelled and Refunded
Out Of Your League League of Villains fashion Hiatus
Quirk or Treat Halloween 2018
Quirks for All Original Characters 2017 Complete
Save the Day Adult pro-hero pin-up calender 2018 Complete
SplitScreen Video game inspired Hiatus
Spooked, Archived version Spooky AU Inactive
The Next Heroes BNHA OCs Inactive
Tohokami Japanese mythology Inactive
Underdogs Underrated characters fashion Saturnsickle, MahoganyDoodles, Savannah, sushijinko 2021 Cancelled
BNHA Horse Zine horses Inactive
BNHA80sAesthetic 80s aesthetic Page Deleted
Class 1-B Hero Zine Class 1-B 2018 Refunded
Route 1-A Zine Pokemon AU 2019 Inactive
Hospital Heroes Hospital setting Page Deleted
Monster Smash Halloween Cancelled
The Legend of Hero Academia Page Deleted
AvtarxMHA Zine Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover Postponed
Cooking MHA Cooking zine Cancelled
BNHA Cosplay Zine Cosplay Inactive
BNHA Hallowzine Page used by someone else
Hero Class Civil War Finished?
Heroes Crossing Animal Crossing crossover Hiatus
LGBT + Ultra Page Deleted
Miraculous Quirks Miraculous Ladybug crossover Discontinued
Pokedemia Page Deleted
Queen B Girls of Class 1-B Cancelled
BIAZ Idol AU maddy, aijou, cam, dee, squid-kun, cmykae 2023 Interest Check
Freak Show Quirk Mishap Dark, JJ, Sunnie, Ry, Domino, Koox, Riiot Creation
Victories Sports Mac, Dev, Kuro, Asteria, Cal, Jabby Creation
Volatile Post-apocalypse MakeshiftDust, Tay'Jin, Nani, Shelbieyeehaw, Sun, DustbunnyArts-04, Cat, X Hiatus
Tarot BNHA Tarot Inactive
Found Fathers dads Page Deleted
Realities Visions One For All vestiges
Quirks & Quidditch: A BNHA/HP Zine Harry Potter AU DrAphra, qitty, Mayari, Ruby, enn 2020-2021 Complete


Zine Title Details Moderators Year of Publication Status
If You've Got Wings: A Hawks Zine Hawks modded by @asatiddies @curovogel 2018-2019 Complete
Tailed Hero Zine Ojiro Mashirao Saturn, Acorn, Aida, Grim 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Of Fire and Fury Bakugou Katsuki Egg, Komi, Mike, MadiKat 2019-2020 Complete
Cremation Dabi Golden Courier Zines (Jude, Cade) 2019 Complete, Contribs never compensated
Cats & Coffee Shinsou Hitoshi Golden Courier Zines (Jude, Cade) Cancelled
Acid Ashido Mina Initial mod team: Paigey, Asra, Gab, Faye, Allison, Daze, Kiro, May Ending Mod Team: Asra, Gab, deafmic, Kiro, Eterna 2019 Failed, turned to Free PDF
Cellophane Zine Sero Hanta Justalittlebitartsy
2019 Complete
All You Can Eat Tamaki Amajiki Mods: K, saradacchi, Lucy
Mod Interns: Spicer, Kiwi
2019 Complete, PDFs only
From the Ground Up Bakugou Katsuki, Character Growth Lockandk3yfiction. Mod Kiri was originally part of the project, but departed suddenly during the production period. 2019 Complete
Quiproquo Monoma Neito Organizers: Kaneira, Ryngi, Clays
Helping Staff: Atsukie, Kyuutan
2018-2020 Complete
Catfinated Shinsou Hitoshi, coffee, and cats. Includes new and old pieces from the contributors of the cancelled "Cats & Coffee" zine. Suaracatacat, Aster Moon, Shinnoya, Evie and Xilo Hrdz 2020 Free PDF, Complete
The Art of Manliness Kirishima Eijirou Bluebird, Radiattime, Jay, Mitch, Nate, Nekon 2020 Complete
Hero Analysis: Deku Edition Izuku Midoriya Pro Hero Mods: Rachel, Lie, Cynthia, Nicolette, Paigyloli
Sidekick Mods: Mina, Snuf
2020 Complete
Decay Shigaraki Tomura Lannerz, Translucent Chick, Lorn, Lee, OddlyCompelled 2020 Complete
Antigravity Uraraka Ochako Colours, Lie, Anna, Fotzeo, Sam, Leor (Mod Intern) 2020 Complete
Sleep Deprived Aizawa Shouta, an 18+ kink-focused zine zine mods: @cloudwolfanime | @NikawithSpice | @spicecupjenni (made icon & header) | @MasterShinsou | @shouutakun 2021-2022 Shipping finished
I Am Here - an All Might Anthology All Might @Took_Baggins, @mahokotuki1 2019 Free PDF, Complete
The Mad Banquet of Darkness Tokoyami Fumikage Bel, Dragon, Sias 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Bloody Sugar: A Himiko Toga Zine Toga Himiko Rad, Oxy, Moka, Lemon, Mel 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Bloody Sugar: A Gory 18+ Himiko Toga Zine Toga Himiko, gory 18+ Rad, Oxy, Moka, Lemon, Mel 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Foxfire: A Kinoko Komori Fanzine Kinoko Komori Lilac, Deathcup, Nameko, Take 2020 Free PDF, Complete
PURGE: A BNHA Stain Zine Stain Mel, Cary, Rad 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Symbol of Fear: All For One Zine All for One Forest, Ukie, Mel, Vásilias, Sarah, Kar 2021 Cancelled, turned into Free PDF
Ambiguity Zine Villain/Vigilante Midoriya Izuku Sonder, Caia, Bazi 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Cat Yagi Fanzine Toshinori Yagi as a catboy Mustard 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Cat Yagi Zine: A Companion NSFW Zine Toshinori Yagi as a catboy, NSFW companion to "Cat Yagi Fanzine" Mustard 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Bun in the Oven Pregnant Midoriya Izuku, NSFW Carmine, Aavocado, Honeygothic 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Deku in Distress Midoriya Izuku; two parts: Pain (Mature Whump), Pleasure (Explicit Sexual Content (Noncon)); NSFW 2022 Free PDF, Complete
Burning Desire Todoroki Enji, NSFW Kee, Jams, Nate, Hoodie Two Shoes, Blaque, Misery 2022 Complete
Brat: Bottom Bakugou Bakugou Katsuki, NSFW Boot, Alex, Mercury, Calamansi, Cara, Kaley 2022 Complete
Boyhood Todoroki Touya Hope, Huni, Kogi 2022 Complete
Backdraft Dabi Elo, Serra, Charlie, Cluna 2021-2022 Complete
Hypnosis Heart Shinsou Hitoshi, 18+ Problematic Friendly, NSFW Shiru, Picks, Momo, Nika, Khem 2021 Complete
Rabbit, Rabbit Miruko Ryu, Lonnie, Moises 2021-2022 Complete
Refiner's Fire Todoroki Enji Sushi, Holly, Lonnie, Anevay 2021 Complete
Regeneration Spinner MahoganyDoodles, Leftie, Myaire21 2022 Complete
Plain to Fame Sero Hanta Pluto, Silver, Kei, Caia, Michy, Star, Mala 2021 Complete
Sex Analysis for the Future Midoriya Izuku, NSFW, notebook-style May, Flor, Kaiyou, Hazel 2022 Complete
Sex on Fire Dabi, NSFW Nestyguts, Blaque, Bunnie, Demon, Faye, Mood, Lark 2021 Complete
Sex Tape Sero Hanta, NSFW Feral B, Less, Rose 2022 Complete
Sweet Tooth Himiko Toga, Vol. 2 (following "Bloody Sugar") Rad, Oxy, Moka, Lemon, Mel 2021 Complete
Triumvirate Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki, and Midoriya Izuku, gen zine Viki, Lee, Lanni 2021 Complete
Vanity Midoriya Izuku, NSFW selfcest Anon, Flor, AJ, Nana 2022 Complete
Serotonin Sero Hanta Ghost, Kei, Asteria, Caia, Peachy, Pluto 2022 Complete
Distortion Shigaraki Tomura Samghoulie, Malajayshimura, Nestyguts, _tender_vittles, Roxxiemundar, Fireblaze1807, Allfwuwone 2022 Complete
Hustle Hawks fashion Maki, Tyy, Marina, Dinopiggie, Koyomu 2022 Complete
Cat's Cradle Aizawa Shouta and Shinsou Hitoshi familial and mentor/mentee relationships Deafmic, Abel, Lanni, Adriel 2022 Shipping
Ecchi Eijirou Kirishima Eijirou, NSFW 18+, Bottom Kiri Ginger, Kitty, Dee, ET, Blaque 2022 Leftovers
LOV+e League of Villains Mystic, Katsu, Decay, Less, Qitty, 2022 Production
Lavender Dreams Shinsou Hitoshi Ronnie, Alex, King, Less, Ray 2022 Shipping
Treasured & Tarnished NSFW bottom Bakugou Katsuki Lerdnord, MakeshiftDust, KK, Foxy, LatexFerret 2022 Complete, Free PDF
Indulge Hawks Elo_from_mars, Crazyclarabr, Lannlannz 2022 Complete
Iidaten Bros Iida Tenya and Iida Tensei Atlass, Paigy, Rin, Yaba, Magnus, Muppet 2022 Shipping
Insatiable NSFW Todoroki Shouto Klutzyfox, J_Jabbers, Ray_Bow25, Surveycorpstddk, Katsudaki 2022 Complete, Free PDF
A Bond of our Own Queerplatonic KiriBaku "KB" Jess, Talia, Tippens, Romeo, Max, JacksonBlu 2022 Leftovers
Lady Nagant Zine Lady Nagant Riv, Tea, Sam, Mersie, MakeshiftDust, Decay, Katsu Creation
Touch Starved NSFW, sexual dynamics with Shigaraki Tomura Dark, Fal, JJ, Domino, Bunnie, Lil Production
Unerasable Bonds Aizawa Shouta soulmate AUs, platonic and romantic Cary, Savvy, Princeliest, Huni Complete, Free PDF
Shiggy Zine Shigaraki Tomura Katsu, Rivkae, Tea, Decay, Mersie Creation
Good Boy Hybrid Bakugou Katsuki, NSFW. It has two parts, Good Boy (NSFW), and Feral Beast (Problematic) Bees, Lysa, Lineart 2022-2023 Complete, Free PDF
Tempting Treasure Pirate Bakugou Katsuki Ray, Pip, Ronnie, Jabby, King, Reid Creation
Trinity Artbook collection, each focused on either Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto Doodlejoops, Tanithiaria, Bunny, Youseimanami, Rinriemie Creation
50 Shades of Pink NSFW and SFW parts, Uraraka Ochako M, Noot, Eo, Tai, Rose, Arlowa of OchaBowl Events Creation
Creep Creepy Midoriya Izuku NSFW Starkjhoy, Makeshiftdust, Victoria, Rivkae, Carminecranes, Sun, Bacon Creation
Deku Zine Midoriya Izuku Sim, Aijou, Koyomu Creation
Money Talks Giran 18+ NSFW, Problematic Mersie, Nijilynn, Tea, Alex, Riv, Doni, Makeshiftdust, Lima Creation
Entropy Todoroki Shouto Starry, Caia, Leafy, Rio, grey Creation
Usagi-Chan! NSFW Bunny Midoriya Izuku Carmine, Key, Mata, Honeygothic Creation
Sun, Moon, Ascendent Big Three Togata Mirio, Hado Nejire, Amajiki Tamaki Cat, X, Niki, Makeshiftdust, Ray Creation
Hotshot Bakugou Katsuki Fashion Maki, Tyy, Doodlejoops, Yabakuboi, Bunny Creation
Tar & Feather Hawks memoir Courtney, Nicole, Luce, Rinn Interest Check results
Shark Teeth Kirishima Eijirou's pointy teeth Hyuge, Kira, Olysseus, Mui, Britt, Shyn, Luke Creation
Starburst Ashido Mina 18+ SFW/NSFW Contributor Apps
2021 Dabi Calendar Dabi minty_lemon_tea, XiWung, xukies, Lolbobster 2020-2021 Complete
Ground Zero: Foundations of a Hero Bakugou Katsuki growth Fiama, Natsu, Kar, Eterna 2022 Complete
Bakugou Rarepair Zine Bakugou Katsuki rarepairs, Howitzer! (SFW) + Bastard! (NSFW) SugaMint, EmeraldWaves, Zakicchu, MoisesSketch, IAmSeeress, ChiaRoseKuro (dropped) 2020 Complete
Breakaway Hawks musickazoo, youseimanami, kmmcmdraws, lannlannz 2021 Complete
Akairyuu Kirishima Eijirou as a dragon xxxemikuma, leticheecopae, shigahands 2020 Complete
Blue Flame Dabi Mala, Em, Michy, Viki 2020 Complete
Force of Nature Bakugou Katsuki Yuuki, Kiro, Key, Vasiliás 2020 Complete
Everyday Heroes Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto in different jobs Nullary, Fabucastle 2018 Complete
Electric Love Kaminari Denki Page Deleted
Debauched Deku Midoriya Izuku as a pro-hero, 18+ Rose, Fede, Lindz 2019 Complete
Dear Kiri Kirishima Eijirou 2018 Complete
Chargebolt Kaminari Denki Jess, Kami, Pahey, Cookie, Chey, Kib 2019 Complete
Invent the Future Hatsume Mei Quetoa, Koat, Dom 2019 Complete
King of the Mountain Kirishima Eijirou as an oni
Mister Iida Iida Tenya Paigy, Isaiah, Nate, Andrea 2019 Complete
Mister Iida 2 Iida Tenya Paigy, Isaiah, Nate, Andrea, Aero Cancelled
Logical Outcomes Aizawa Shouta lovelesslybeloved, writingdeviation, ravensandwriting 2020 Complete
Lovin' Out Loud! Yamada Hizashi 2018-2019 Complete
Revelry in the Dark Tokoyami Fumikage Bel, Dragon, Sias 2018-2019 Complete
The Plus Ultra Fashion Periodical All Might fashion Bunn 4 All, b0kunoanime, Hanghuhns, nival-kenival, SwiftThumper, wisperwind 2018 Complete, Free PDF
Pound Zero adult Bakugou Katsuki, multiship 18+ 2019 Complete
Sexbolt Kaminari Denki, NSFW Skartlie, Fotzeo, Takumiera 2020 Complete
True Trans Soul Rebel Trans Bakugou Katsuki Complete, Free PDF
We Are the Cure Chisaki Kai and the Eight Precepts of Death 2019 Complete
Yaoyorozine Yaoyorozu Momo Janet, Maz, Tony 2020 Complete
Your Power Todoroki Shouto 2018 Complete
Bird of Prey Hawks, SFW and NSFW 2021 Complete
Join the Jult Best Jeanist Crow, Dey, Leftie 2021 Complete
Apocrypha Geten Mala, Mookie, Plutonia, Roxxie, Starling, Rissa 2022 Complete
12 AM Kayama Nemuri Inactive
Apples and Unicorns Eri, Arpeggio, Cara, Hiba 2021 Complete
Blood Lust Himiko Toga, NSFW 2021 Complete
Head in the Clouds Shirakumo Oboro 2022 Cancelled, free PDF released
Hands-On Hero! Hard of hearing Bakugou Katsuki Hiatus
Five Stages Aizawa Shouta grief Inactive
Detention Aizawa Shouta ships Inactive
Cold Inferno Todoroki Shouto, NSFW 2021 Complete
Keep the Beat Going Midoriya Izuku DJ Page Deleted
Impact Zone Gang Orca Hiatus
Problem Child Aizawa Shouta Midoriya Izuku father-son Deviation, Mac, Sevan, Alina 2022 Complete
Deku: Pro Hero, Pro Lover Midoriya Izuku NSFW 2021 Complete
Reign Shigaraki Tomura Mala, Blaque, Nesty, Mookie, Hiba, Feonixe Discontinued
Phantom NSFW Monoma Neito Choku, Em, Calamansi, Shimikonde, Vi 2021 Complete
Stepping Stones Midoriya Izuku Cancelled
Tailman Ojiro Mashirao Inactive
The White Glove Treatment Chisaki Kai, NSFW XiWung, malashimura, minty_lemon_tea, plutoniarts 2020 Complete
Temperatures Fluctuating Todoroki Shouto, Two NSFW zines Bakafek, turtlenecksho, CumSlutIzuku, jacc0usteau 2021 Complete
Through the Years Aizawa Shouta Page Deleted
Uravi-Tease Uraraka Ochako, NSFW Cancelled
Dabi 2021 Calender Dabi calender Page Deleted
Monoma Zine Monoma Neito Cancelled
Tape Dispenser Hanta Sero Cancelled
Beautiful Winter Todoroki Fuyumi Cancelled
Smoldering Embers Endeavor Cancelled
Fuyumi Todoroki Zine Todoroki Fuyumi Inactive
Hop Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu Page Deleted
Carpe Denim Best Jeanist Hiatus
Caught in Your Orbit Uraraka Ochako, Ochabowl Page Deleted
StarMochi Uraraka Ochako Cancelled
Double Vision Bubaigawara Jin Less, Ronnie, Pip, Alex, King, Ray, Mala Interest Check Closed
Filth 18+ Chisaki Kai Red, Kirei, Domino, Less, Lethallin Interest Check
Dancing with the Flames Touya Todoroki Zygo Interest Check
Bombshell! bottom!Bakugou Katsuki and feminization kink. NSFW Monchi, Diana, Cee, Smooches Interest Check
Hero Worship NSFW All Might, with Idolatry problematic add-on Alex, Ghosty, Arson, JJ, DD Interst Check Soon
Electric Feel Kaminari Denki Misery, Izzy, Twix, Shini, Bunnie Preorders
CryptidBNHA Cryptid Midoriya Izuku Interest Check Closed
Guardian Aizawa Shouta Neko, LA, Izzy, Jojo, Doni, Alex, Twix Contributor Apps
Tsukuyomi Tokoyami Fumikage Atlass, Arson, Lykaioh, Akiwrites Contributor Apps
Chrysalis Midoriya Izuku, Dekussy, NSFW CarmineCranes, Mata, Miko, Pepper Contributor Apps
Reverb Jirou Kyouka Cancelled
Sleepless Aizawa Shouta Page Deleted

Slash pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Akogare (zine) Bakugou/Midoriya Kat, Meili, Bu, Osaka, Nika, Vivie 2018 Complete
Stuck On U KamiSero Squip, Niki, Cynthia, Saturn 2019 Complete
Fan the Flames Dabi/Hawks Teriyaki, BBQ, Pho, Sriracha, Miso, Tea, Mochi, Spice 2019 Complete
You are My Sunshine Kirideku Cloudy, Nika, Jenni, Airy, Aira, Sani 2018-2020 Complete
Take My Hand KiriBaku IntheArmsofaThief, LeoKoat, MixBerkaan, The-Button-Harlequin, 11DaysofHell, How-to-Train-Your-Kirishima 2018 Complete
Playing With Fire (Etsy) KiriBaku fantasy AU Spicy Carrot 2020 status/ongoing sale
DEKU for ALL on Etsy (Kickstarter) Multiple/Deku Paraíso Yaoi 2017 status
Black&Gold Erasermic Digital Popsicle, TheMiniOne 2018 Complete
Love Big and Loud Inakiri (Inasa Yoarashi/Kirishima Eijirou) Airy, Lex, Roni, Paigy, Paper 2019 Complete
Boys! Boys! Boys! MxM ships Gummi, Raven, Eterna
Graphic Designer: @lochsfanzinestudio
Solstice Todobowl (Todoroki/Multiple) Kiro, Forest, Gab, Marina, Ukie, Kar 2020 Complete
Wanderlust Bakudeku fantasy AU. There were some issues with the head mod and funds Ari, Maj, Madin, Grim 2020 Complete, Some refunds issued
Seasons of Love Tododeku, seasons and holidays Mousai Creations (Nat, Angie, Voido) 2020 Complete
Elemental Todokami Cat, Ollie, Cherry, Lee 2020 Complete
Erasermic Monster Zine Erasermic Halloween Zine with NSFW and SFW versions 2020 Complete
New Year New Hope Free Katsuki Bakugou/Midoriya Izuku zine about childhood friends and New Years @rokulinarts, @kuck00nut, @SaysiOnTwit 2021 Complete
Mind Blown Katsuki Bakugou/Shinsou Hitoshi zine useless_donut, grailfish 2021 Complete, Free PDFs
Teamwork an adult EraserMic mafia AU graphic novel with a sfw free preview chapter Rivars 2021-2022 Complete
Silver Linings An Erasercloud Zine Abel, Hitori, Key, Kii, Kumo, Maya, Savvy 2021-2022 Complete
TDDK Style Tododeku model zine Komikuko, Kuuro, Gummy, Egg, Bel, Seve, Ezaria Umiko 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Soft Shadow: A JuzoHai Zine Honenuki Juzo/Kuroiro Shihai Vanilla, Lavender, Silver, Mint 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Sun & Moon: Written in the Stars Tododeku, duality focused Miha, Ed, James, Egg, Cam, Cade 2020 Free PDF, Complete
ZappyCat: A ShinKami Fan Zine Shinso Hitoshi/Denki Kaminari Ischemia, Nym, Kiki, Quint 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Zappy Cat: NSFW Shinkami Zine Shinso Hitoshi/Denki Kaminari, NSFW companion to "Zappy Cat" Ischemia, Nym, Kiki, Quint 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Halcyon Haze Bakudeku Festival zine Momo Dodo, bunny, Tanithiaria, ElleBakugou, Cloud, ResonantArchivist 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Halcyon Heat Bakudeku NSFW Festival zine Momo Dodo, bunny, Tanithiaria, ElleBakugou, Cloud, ResonantArchivist, CaptShananigans 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Written In The Stars Bakudeku Tanabata SaysiWrites, YahGorlSciences, Saekimchisart 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Apocalypse: Bite-Size Edition Bakudeku Zombie apocalypse, free version alongside "Apocalypse" Tanithiaria, Auffallend, BookishJavos, LaineyBug, Ram, doodlejoops, Mjheartsart, ResonantArchivist, Cas 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Into The Wild: A BkDk/DkBk Zine Bakudeku hybrids; Puppy Love (SFW) and Feral Attraction (NSFW) Mushroom, Carmine, AJ, Mellow 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Unlimited: A Free NSFW TDDK Zine Tododeku, NSFW Yuru, Aria, Nagi, Carmine, SirKetz, Aavocado 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Unbroken Bonds ShinDeku Tiff, Vince, Rem, AddiyBlake, Raye, Misery, Fanny, Kii, Lyrick, Cam, Jesse 2021-2022 Complete
Lilac Leaves ShinDeku, NSFW zine alongside "Unbroken Bonds" Tiff, Vince, Rem, AddiyBlake, Raye, Misery, Fanny, Kii, Lyrick, Cam, Jesse 2021-2022 Complete
Dry Heat Shigadabi, Suga, Yuzu, Nooty 2021 Complete
Apocalypse: Infection Edition Bakudeku zombie apocalypse Tanithiaria, Doodlejoops, Auffallend, Mjheartsart, BookishJavos, ResonantArchivist, Laineybug, Cas, Ram 2021-2022 Complete
Apocalypse: Contagion Edition Bakudeku NSFW zombie apocalypse, alongside "Apocalypse: Infection Edition" Tanithiaria, Doodlejoops, Auffallend, Mjheartsart, BookishJavos, ResonantArchivist, Laineybug, Cas, Ram 2021-2022 Complete
Agape Bakudeku, mythology and love. Additional NSFW Zine "Eros". Bell, Shin, Flor, Tyy, Samantha, May, Belle 2022 Complete
Journeys Beyond Todoroki Shouto/Bakugou Katsuki, NSFW fantasy Flor, Jules, Jabby, Miki, Rem 2021-2022 Complete
Lionheart: A KiriBaku Fanfic Anthology Kiribaku, writer-centric ET, Belle, Jee, Ginger, Starry 2021 Complete
Omegaverses Erasermic omegaverse, writer-focused, NSFW Mae, Robbie, Peachy, Khem 2022 Complete
PopRocks sfw Kiribaku with NSFW PDF Annie, Ginger, Dee, Meg, ET 2021 Complete
Not My Forte Kiribaku music Fay, Cuke, El, Kiro, Caia 2021 Complete
Seven Deadly Zine Bakudeku, nsfw Zuki, Cinna, Sassie 2022 Complete
Strawberry Lemonade Kiribaku summer break, with NSFW add-on "Spiked Lemonade" Jared, Nikk, Faye, Lark, Lo, Shippeh, Mack, Misery, Dinopiggie, Feykir 2021 Complete
Taking Dynamight Bakudeku, bottom Bakugou, NSFW Jesse, Jabby, Rose, Mellow, Qutie, Kirei, Paige 2021 Complete
Thicker than Honey Bakudeku focused on Izuku's ass and Katsuki's chest, NSFW A.J., Seeress, Flor, Jeejae, Samantha, May, Joops 2021 Complete
Thunderstruck Bakugou Katsuki/Kaminari Denki Raine, Blaque, Silver, Misery, Lee 2021 Refunds issued
Transcendent non-human Bakudeku May, Shott, Osaka, Yaba 2021 Complete
When Stars Align Bakudeku soulmates Shott, May, ColoursDraws 2021 Complete
Paper Meat! A KiriBaku Meatball Zine Kiribaku meatball zine Servojob, Spicetimequant 2022 Complete
Heartburn Endhawks, 18+ Digi, Jason, Mia, Viper, Jinn, Reu, Tyle, Nate 2022 Complete
Adamantem KiriTodo, NSFW Rinji, Yuuki, Frappi, Red 2022 Complete
Ever After BakuDeku, weddings Huligan, May, Flor, Anon, Hotshott, Zuki 2022 Complete
Blasphemy BakuDeku, NSFW, sins Honeygothic, Mata, Violet, Momo, 152, Sam 2022 Complete
Supernova BakuDeku Sci-Fi Honeygothic, Mata, 152, Honeydroop, Carmine, Tyy Tyy, Violet 2022 Complete
IceBreaker TodoDeku Pro-heroes SFW/NSFW 18+ Kara, Rhys, Sage, Calamansi, Ashera 2022 Asking for customers to get refunds
Redacted BakuDeku SCP Feth, Cloud, Lola, Schrodinger, Em 2022 Complete
Ardor and Reveries BakuDeku Fantasy Aze, Yaba, Donut, Mata 2022 Complete
Kerosene BakuDeku Steampunk, with NSFW add-on "Gasoline" Tanithiaria, Doodlejoops, Bunny, Jinn, Jabby 2022 Complete
Monochrome ShigaDabi what if May B. Lily, Cal, Kei, Z, G, Fae, Less/val 2022 Complete
Bunny BakuDeku Bottom Deku, NSFW Bunny, Lemonaestheticc, Tanithiaria 2022-2023 Complete
Fika Café BakuDeku café thme, with NSFW add-on "Dark Roast" Dino, Tyy, Touyams, Maki 2022 Complete
Lycoris Radiata BakuDeku, NSFW, angst 2022 Complete
Beyond Boundaries TodoDeku fantasy Yuru, Yuuki, Res 2022 Complete
Under the Sun BakuDeku Summer Fling, with NSFW add-on "Under the Covers" Gecko, Kiisaes, Jesse, Aeuri, Honeydroop 2022 Complete
Crazy Stupid Love BakuDeku romcom, with companion zines "Crazy Comical Love" (comics) and "Crazy Sexy Love" (NSFW). Production held back due to PayPal Zuki, Sassie, Casperthewitch, Aeuri, LTreat, Ari 2022 Transitioned to merch only, partial refunds given, shipping phase
But You Stayed TodoBaku weddings and marriage Bloom, Julecifer, Calamansi, Suga 2022 Complete
Popsicle BakuDeku NSFW sweets, with problematic add-on "Whipped" Kyra, Scientifically Sinful, Inouye, Honeydroop, Ray, Cam, Samantha, Qats 2022 Complete
Top Tier BakuDeku comic zine, life as pro-heroes and as a couple Anon, Wildmage, Hotshott, May 2022 Complete
What's Rightfully Mine KiriBaku Villain Kirishima, NSFW Ginger, Kirby, Kels, Ray, Hero 2022 Complete
Soba Kisses SeroRoki, with NSFW add-on "Heated Soba Kisses". Had paypal money issues Feral, Rose, Ai 2022 Complete
Instinct BakuDeku A/B/O, SFW and NSFW zines Carmine, Alex, Sam, Em, JJ, Rivkae 2022 Complete
Homebound Bakugou Katsuki/Todoroki Shouto Nat, Thais, Charlie, Lucy, Astrid 2022 Complete
BkDk 2023: Wonder Duo Planning BakuDeku 2023 Calendar "Through the Years" and planner "Planning Ahead" May, Scientifically Sinful, Kyra Midoriya, canecoffy, honeydroop 2022 Complete
Slip N Slide BakuDeku body fluids izukuzbones, ResonantArchivist, VCG, Yuru, Sandi 2022 Complete
The Soul of a Hero RodyDeku Savvy, Caia, Leafy, Amber 2022 Complete
Go Hex Yourself BakuDeku supernatural, occult, magic, 18+ Jesse, honeydroop, Cam, rem, kroalias 2024 Shipping
Ikigai KiriKami Bel, Bunny, Gabi, Zen, Tyy 2023 Complete
Deep Seas BakuDeku pirates Tanithiaria, bunny, Jabby, Shapooda 2023 Leftovers
Paper Flowers BakuDeku flowers Huligan, Mackenzie, Moiyra, beautyinfiction, mMarvil, Hotshott 2023 Complete
Halo-Halo Filipino BakuDeku Weeb, Elle Cross, Sandi, Kaye, Sammy 2023 Free PDF, Complete
Animalistic BakuDeku hybrids May, Honeygothic, Keyhimura, Carmine, Tyy 2023 Complete
Bite Me KiriBaku A/B/O, 18+ Shay, Trish, Gala, Less, King, Ray, Reid 2024 Shipping
Amor Ex Oculis BakuDeku Hogwarts QueenSwagzilla, HanodeFanArt 2022 Complete
Affection Pains Aizawa Shouta/Tomura Shigaraki Jay, Kai, G Preorders Open
Wonder Duo Holiday Party BakuDeku holidays Sae, Saysi, Amirah, Luci, Bee, Turtle 2022 Free PDF, Complete
A Year With You Shigaraki Tomura/Midoriya Izuku Page deleted
Between the Lines BakuDeku through letters, texting, and passing notes honeydroop, Jesse, pointyhearts, damareizuki, Hotshott Production
DoppelBangers KiriBaku Selfcest 18+ Shay, Kit, Bri, King, Less, Bees Production
Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust ShigaDabi 18+ Nestyguts, Blaque, Dragonshade, Bunnie, Em, Greyscale 2023 Complete
Fight or Flight BakuDeku Monsterfucking, 18+ NSFW Turtle, MakeshiftDust, rivaere_queen, Ferret + 2 TBD 2023 Complete, Free PDF
Spades Noir BakuDeku SandisheeChibicharlie, orabid_rabbiro, Rayne Inactive/Hiatus
Frozen Embers Dabi/Todoroki Shouto Fae, Brigit, Z, MakeshiftDust, Mothie, Sun Production
Sunrise KiriBaku wedding May, Rio + TBDs 2024 Complete
Gilded KiriBaku fantasy 2023 Complete
Lore KiriDeku fantasy Tipp, LA, Carmine, Mira, Digi, Lizy, Haley, flea 2023 Complete
Hero for Hire KiriDeku careers Ferret, Dusty, Alex, Pluto, Mersie 2023 Complete
Kazahana BakuDeku winter AU Tanithiaria, bunny, j_jabbers, Shapooda, Tyytyy Production
Of Love & Lore Bakudeku fantasy Uxenii, Emzurl, Misery, Emily Fowl, MakeshiftDust, Emily, JJ 2024 Shipping
Petrichor KiriBaku seasons, digital only Stelly, Kat, Celtic, Zarauto, Legend, Lody 2023 Complete
A Lifetime Together EraserMic ModZawa, Ki, Fiama, Taylor, Felix 2019-2020 Complete
Forever Home EraserMic family Indigo, Killian, Kii, Schangia 2021 Complete
Birdbones Tokoyami Fumikage/Midoriya Izuku 2020 Complete
Ascent KiriBaku helwolves, Slumber, SybLaTortue 2019 Complete
Forever Your Hero TodoDeku 2019 Complete
Frostsmitten KiriBaku winters 2020 Complete
Dynamic BakuDeku A/B/O, NSFW May, Bakafeck, Emi, Osaka 2020-2021 Complete
Out of this World EraserMic 2018 Complete
Fire & Fame EndMight, SFW and NSFW Virus, Digi, Anthony 2019 Complete
Hanami KiriBaku spring Lucy, Et, Kiro, Maple, Sara 2021 Complete
Yukimi KiriBaku holiday Maple, Sara, Kiro, Lee, Lucy 2019 Complete
Incandescence TodoBaku NSFW 18+, AU themed 2020 Complete
It Has to be You KiriBaku in different AUs 2018 Complete
Unbreakable KiriBaku, mods left, partially refunded/completed 2020 Partially Refunded
Love Grows EraserMight 2021 Complete
After All, You're My Hero BakuDeku David, Mal, Tay 2018 Complete
Reaching You TodoBaku Zouza, June 2018 Complete
Red Velvet KiriBaku film-noir, NSFW Kahi, Fox, Frappi, Kur, Meek, Yoyo 2020 Complete
Redacted DabiHawks, themes from childhood, post 266 angst and happy endings 2020 Complete
Something Wicked Kiribaku, otherwordly holdonahomo, KB_Shark, SpvceRvnger, muudraws 2019 Complete
Sexbomb Kiribaku sexlife Account Suspended
Scarlet Aphrodisia Endhawks, 18+ Hya, Rose, SBD, Dee, Slumber 2019 Complete
Scarred Phoenix Dabi/Hawks NSFW Mira, Forest, Eterna, Kar 2020 Complete
Shinobiyoru BakuDeku sneaking around 2019 Complete
Worlds Tododeku Argetcross and a friend who doesn't have Tumblr 2018 Complete
The Two of Us Tododeku 2016 Complete
Wonder Duo: Rising Bakudeku writer-centric anthology 2020 Complete
Watermelon Soda Kirideku hackwolfin, cloudwolfanime, simplylaluna, ray_bow25 2021 Complete
Royally Yours KiriBaku royalty Page Deleted
By Your Side ShinDeku Tizzy, acxrs, red-riot-hood 2018 Complete
Howl-o-ween KiriBaku werewolf/wolfpeople AU Epi, Kit, Roam, Lili Inactive
Hearts Garden TodoBaku Interest Check, Inactive
TodoBaku Valen-zines 2020 TodoBaku Valentine's Day 2020 Complete, Free PDF
Fans Only BakuDeku NSFW Page Deleted
Crossfire TodoBaku Viki, Arthur, Rev, Vasiliás Hiatus
Longing MonoShin Bitchy, Kami, quartergremlin, Wendy, Fade 2022 Leftovers
Ikebana BakuDeku flowers, page deleted Cancelled
OruAi EraserMight Cancelled
Playspace BakuDeku Dom/Sub Inactive
Phoenix Wings DabiHawks AUs Complete
Metamorphos DabiHawks AU 2021 Complete
Pastel Dreams BakuDeku fluff Page Deleted
Recurring Affections BakuDeku Historical Page Deleted
Snap Crackle Pop! Bakugou Katsuki/Kaminari Denki kinktober xofroochies, nikkehym 2021 Complete
Threads Tododeku serendipity, fated meetings in different universes 2021 Complete
Tiny Twin Stars Bakudeku childhood 2021 Complete
A BkDkBk Parenthood Zine] BakuDeku parenthood Hiatus
会う Au AU BakuDeku 2020 planner Vienna, Milktea, Frappe, Affogato, Cappuccino, Macchiato 2019 Complete
TodoDeku Anthology Zine TodoDeku Writer centric Hiatus
5,475 Days Erasermic doujin anthology Inactive
Between a Rock and a Hard Place KiriTetsu Inactive
That's Legit EraserMic fashion Inactive
Switch it Up BakuDeku switch dynamics NSFW Honeygothic, May, Momo, Mata, Canecoffy, Tyy Production
Love Rush Anthology BakuDeku Valentine anthology
Omertà: Code of Silence BakuDeku Mafia zine, NSFW Inactive/Hiatus
Defiance Alternative/Counterculture AUS, 18+ KiriBaku Shay, Ginger, Kit, Syrin, Red, Hero, Kaley, King Production
Kacchan's Rules Renamed to Bound and Bonded Domestic kink BakuDeku dedicated to Dom!Izuku and Sub!Kacchan Kisshimu, Mochi, Ari Renamed, Complete, Free PDF
Pride! BakuDeku pride TurtleExplodes, MakeshiftDust, SunSalute, Dani, Mellow Shipping
Lunar Flare DabiHawks Tarot Ess, Kay, Cuine, Charlie, Aphra Shipping
Collared BakuDeku BDSM May, Wildmage, Cam, Honeygothic, Tyy Shipping
Ichigo Box KiriBaku snack-themed merch box Complete
Blush or Die! dedicated to teasing a soft and submissive top!Kirishima KiriBaku spicetimequant, GalaxiMonkey Complete
Through the Seasons EndHawks 2023-2024 Calendar Ellie, Bambi, Elo Complete
Through the Seasons KiriBaku calendar and notebook Hiatus
Across Worlds BakuDeku fanbook Inactive
Walk Beside Me TodoBaku 2023 Calendar Complete
Étoile BakuTodo fantasy Chii, Tomii, Wendy, Cal, Moonie, Jane Complete
No Me Without You BakuDeku Multiverse Zine Huligan, Janina, Tulip, Idi, Yowahoshihime, Bacon, Victoria 2024 Production
Astrophel BakuDeku Angel Zine Shin, Momo Dodo, TyyTyy, Bunny Creation
Twin Stars BakuDeku Winter Holiday Zine Jay, Nico, Maeve, Haley, Kai Creation
Aiaigasa BakuDeku fluff zine Mellow, Momo Dodo, FireheartAW, Mersie, Bastard Creation
Save The Date DekuBaku wedding zine, free, digital only Neeks, Belle, Torusplum, Nork Creation
Amores BakuDeku cooking zine Bel, FireheartAW, Auffallend, Shinycrash, Mersie Contributor Apps
Lockdown BakuDeku criminal zine Sparrow, Jay, Maeve Interest Check
Haunted DekuBaku halloween zine Belle, Cee, Joops Completed, Free PDF
Heatwave DekuBaku summer zine Belle, Bastard Creation
Forever More BakuDeku mythical creatures zine Victoria, QueenSwagzilla, Zuul, Noirfos, Tulip, Midnight Preorders
Across Horizons BakuDeku dragon rider zine Honeygothic, FireheartAW, Mellow, Momo Dodo, SamIsNotLegend Interest Check

Femslash pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Vibrance Sapphic ships Argetcross and a friend who doesn't have Tumblr 2019 Complete
Pretty in Pink Ochamina Elliot, Gab 2019 Complete
Creating Stars Yaoyorozu Momo/Uraraka Ochako 2019 Complete, Free PDF
Lillies in Bloom sapphic/wlw ships/characters Ace, Starry, Caia, Tara, Bazi 2021 Complete
Plum Tea Tsuchako Blue Bird, Fate, Jo, CC 2021 Complete
A Thousand Horizons sappphic ships Moka, Mel, Lion, Cary, Kye 2022 Complete, Free PDF
Ai no Yuri WLW zine. The storefront for leftovers is still open after almost a year Saturn, Bluebird, Pilot 2021 Leftovers (?)
Violets Femslash @ochatooru, @rosyabomination 2018 Complete, Free PDF
Bloody Valentine TogaChako 2022 Cancelled
TogaOcha Zine Toga Himiko/Uraraka Ochako. Says in bio that it's discontinued 2021 Cancelled
Carnation R18 femslash 2021-2022 Inactive

Het pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Seasonal (zine) Bakugou Katsuki/Uraraka Ochako, Also known as "Uraviboom Adventures" and "Round Face & Boom" Kipio, Amajikies 2018 Complete
Bubble Tea Midoriya Izuku/Uraraka Ochako, sweets 2019 Complete
Supernova NSFW Kacchako zine Isa, EmeraldWaves 2019 Complete
Ongaku no Kokoro Music-themed Kamijirou Isa, Em, Kelly 2019 Complete
Boundless Kacchako fantasy AU Isa, Lonnie 2019 Complete
Toshinko Wedding Zine Toshinko, wedding Sonya, K, Polyblank 2019 Complete
Dodging the Punchline EraserJoke, Aizawa Shouta/Fukukado Emi kami_is_a_woman, bitchytimemchn 2021 Free PDF, Complete
MoonDust Zine Mirko/Shigaraki Tomura (DustBunny) phoenix, geary 2021 Free PDF, Complete
Namamaska Po PH holiday Kacchako 2021-2022 Complete
Gravity Between Us IzuOcha 2021 Complete
Gravity Between Us Volume 2 Izuocha Kami, Bitchy, David, Squid, Mahogany, Isa, Lizzzzar 2022 Leftovers
Crimson Ties Kacchako Soulmates Innocent Dumpling, Kairi-chan, Shikamarubase, Roo, Marina, Nicki, Amber, Blue 2022 Leftovers
Dynavity Kacchako SFW/NSFW Pro-Hero Minty, Kirby, Kiri, Lizzie, Jaryn 2022 Leftovers
Electric Melody KamiJirou Bunnie, Shini, Koox, Mellow, Blaque 2022 Shipping
For Infinity Izuocha throughout the seasons fictionalinfinity, Emily Fowl, Kaara, Yana, Izzy_Beta, Em, LK Preorders
Strawberry Kisses KiriMina Mellow, Honeygothic, Bunny, Poet Creation
Featherlight Todoroki Fuyumi/Hawks musickazoo, youseimanami. kmmcmdraws, lannlannz 2020 Complete
Kacchako Café Kacchako, Cupsleeve Event with physical/digital merch Joana, Cey, Rinn, Jenn, Tims, Roo, Kairi, P 2022 Complete
Let's Celebrate Kacchako holiday 2019 Complete
Reflections Kacchako Jen, Karma, Lucy, Jadeums, Lanni, Lupl, Viki, Oreo 2020 Complete, Free PDF
Rising Todomomo 2019 Complete
Setsugetsufuuka Todomomo, beauty of seasons Em, Adriana, Kelly, Maki 2021 Complete
Amplify Kamijirou Kami, Bitchy, David, Fade 2022 Leftovers
Where We Start From: Limerence Bakugou Katsuki/Uraraka Ochako, an illustrated version of the AO3 fic Limerence Inactive
Green Tea IzuOcha @liana-zines and @equal-shipping Inactive
Akai Ito TodoMomo soulmate Page Deleted
All Roads Lead to You Kacchako AU zine Maki, Honeygothic, Tyy, May, Ray Contributor Apps

Poly pairings

Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Enough Love to Go Around Poly ships Link, Ama/Ace, Lena, Paigy 2019 Free PDF, Complete
Bonds Todoroki Shouto/Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku soulmates, with NSFW add on "Bound" Tyy, Bel, Ju, Gabi 2022 Shipping
Eidolon Todoroki Shouto/Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku ghosts Lola, Fether, Schrodinger, Val, Em Production
Aite Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku Mix, Baku, Chii, Seiju, Kenny, Nikki, Cynthia 2019 Complete
Big Threesome Ship and platonic, Big Three Knife, Ash 2019 Complete
Summer Explosion Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou/Uraraka Ochako Sierra 2020 Free PDF, Complete
Wasabi Mochi Midoriya Izuku/Uraraka Ochako/Bakugou Katsuki 2021 Page Deleted
Rooftop Shirakumo Oboro/Aizawa Shouta/Yamada Hizashi Olive, James, Anakin 2021 Complete, Free PDF
The Last Dragon Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki/Uraraka Ochako fantasy, 18+ 2022 Cancelled
Menage a Trois Big Three NSFW Page Deleted


Zine Title Details Mods Year of Publication Status
Quirkplay An NSFW fanbook. PDF still available on Spicy Carrot 2018 Complete
Bed Riot R18, Kirishima-focused ClaireSail, G, Slumber 2018 Complete
Pound Zero NSFW, Bakugou-focused ClaireSail, G, Slumber 2019 Complete
Kekkon Marriage Jay, Ellie, Yaxi, Sherms, Sai, Fiama/Fif 2019 Complete
My Love, My Life Soulmates Ellie, Niki, Mix, Thais, Niks, Andrea 2019 Complete
Kokoro Multiship, different types of romantic love Mods: Lie, Rosie, Dev, Korin
Mod Interns: Cherry, Fitz
2019 Complete
Quirked Connections Multiship, NSFW smut anthology Yuru, Flor, Jabby, Rem, Aria 2019 Complete
BNHAborne nsfw, for-profit horror zine // BNHA x Bloodborne KEATSBLUE, TONESIP, ANORI-CHAN, MOOK, MARI 2020-2022 Complete
Dabi's Journey Dabi tarot cards Forest, Poeebee, Rissa, Nestyguts, Mookie, Vince, Lolbobster 2022 Complete
Christmas Countdown Winter merch zine Scientifically Sinful, KyraMidoriya, Jeeejae, JY.CC 2021 Complete
Boom Brigade Bakusquad Calendar and merch Blaque, Gabi, Ver, Silverstring, Ginger 2021-2022 Complete
BNHA Formalwear Two parts: "A Formal Affair" (SFW) and "The After Party" (NSFW); Class 1-A Blue, Cal, Isa 2022 Complete
Golden Showers NSFW Piss zine Zip, Donut 2021 Complete
Red String Soulmates, 18+ Sfw/Nsfw Val, Kirei, Ray 2021-2022 Complete
Pomegranate Seeds Fem Bakudeku Mellowdaydreams, Kacchansass, CaspertheWitch, Tsuki, Aria 2022 Complete
My Sun, My Moon ships with sun/moon dynamic 2021 Complete
sex+ Sex positivity, NSFW Aavo, Grey, Lark, Tulip, Teacup, Rhys 2022 Complete
First NSFW smut anthology about sexual "firsts" Yuru, Flor, Jabby, Rem, Aria 2022 Leftovers
Decadence Sugar babies, NSFW Blaque, Lark, Sunnie, Zen, Teeth, Bunnie 2022 Shipping
Call of the Wild 18+, animal hybrids Gray, Katsudaki, Blaque, Decay, Kee 2022 Shipping
Sweet Dreams 18+ NSFW, somnophilia Kee, Dark, Leftie, Frank, Sunnie 2022 Production
Sextra Credit NSFW student x teacher/mentor, with problematic add-on "Detention" Darkquedump, BunnieProbs, LewdEyebrow, badriiot, Going_2_Hell, KooxConstellat1 2022 Complete
Unswallowing Emeto (vomit), 18+ Val, Tabs, Vivi Creation
Gotta Smash 'Em All! Poképhilia, NSFW Carmine, Max, Yuru 2022 Complete
Tainted hero x villain, NSFW @catboy_creampie Creation
Domme Femdom, 18+ NSFW Midnight, Mina, Momo, Himiko Creation
Tie Me Up NSFW Shibari Arson, Lux, Doni, Aki, Carmine Creation
A Chocolate Covered Confession multiship, Valentines Day and White Day Korin, Forest 2020 Complete
BNHA Nippon Japanese themed, multiship Izuku, Seeress, Zaki 2021 Complete
Inksmith multiship, multiverse celebrating tropes Quinn, Jay, Jaime, Tris 2020 Complete
I Do BNHA Weddings Lala, Skeletor 2020 Complete
Labors of Love BNHA 2nd generation Elizabeth, Viki, Percy, Kelly, Lanni, Em, Ruko 2021 Complete
Mirrors Multiship, blog deleted, angst and fluff 2018 Complete
Something New Rarepairs 2018 Refunds issued
Nipples!! 18+, nipples, 3 free PDFs 2020 Complete
One in a Million Rarepairs Muse, Echo, Enn, Lee, Deviation 2020 Complete
Sixth Wheel Kiribaku/Bakusquad. Had issues with finances. Nate, Sophie, Lucy, Zoë, Beth, Sydnee, Everett 2019 Complete
The Pretty Reckless Age gap, NSFW Paper, Nexus, Lily, Frappi 2021 Complete
Traitors Among Us Traitor theories, NSFW Frappi, @vagitisart, @bakafeck, @shirosquared, Milla, Suga 2020 Complete
Forbidden Flame Todoroki family incest Dark, Lilith, Riiot, Mad, Buns, Demon, Koox 2021-2022 Complete
Bad Sensei Teacher/student relationships shouutakun Hiatus
Flowers with You Fem!IzuOcha 2021 Cancelled
Love-Sick student-teacher relationships. The twitter seems to be under new ownership, but the CuriousCat still has answered questions 2019
Kitchen Kinks NSFW food 2018-2019 Complete
In Your Dreams Original Characters/Canon 2022 Inactive
Nonconned problematic NSFW, dubcon and noncon Mina, Deku, Katsuki 2021 Complete, Free PDF
Midori Sour 2021-2022 Pin-up calendar 2021 Complete
Tranquility Queerplatonic TodoDeku Page Deleted
BNHA Rare Pair zine Rarepairs, 18+ Rivkae, Tea, Dark Inactive
BNHAxReader zine BNHA/Reader zine, two separate zine issues: Sunrise to Sunset (SFW) and Dusk to Dawn (NSFW) Inactive
Wildest Dreams Honeymoons, NSFW Inactive
The Art of the OC's MHA OC x Canon 2019 Cancelled
Love for All Discontinued, posts deleted
Show Stopper Strippers, 18+ sex positive Mersie, Doni, Alec, MakeshiftDust Mod Apps
Nuts Bolts and Quirks Five Nigts at Freddy's crossover Interest Check
Wink Vintage Pin-up 2024 calendar Poet, Sandishee, Ginger, Mellow, Maki, Rayne Creation
Oikophobia Based on fic "Fear of You" Creation
Size Matters all about praising peens: small, big and everything in-between Renee, Oz, Shinii Creation
A Floral Affair Storybook regency-fantasy storybook featuring three BnHA romances that exist in the same world, SeroRoki, KiriMina, BakuDeku Bek, Jesse, HoneyDroop, Julie Creation