Creati's Craft Compendium

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Title: Creati's Craft Compendium
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2020-2021
Medium: PDF
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Language: English
External Links: Twitter Tumblr carrdarchived
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Creati's Craft Compendium is a digital, craft-themed zine featuring characters from Class 1-A from Boku no Hero Academia. The zine, among other projects, was involved in a case of moderator misconduct.


Interest check for the zine opened on October 15 and closed on November 15, 2020[1]. A giveaway for a free merch bundle began on October 28, 2020 and would last to the end of interest checks, encouragin fans to share pictures of pumpkin carvings to enter the giveaway[2]. The winners of the giveaway were announced to be Tumblr user lethargicsalem and Twitter user Cody22183259[3]. Moderator applications for a layout mod and finance mod opened from November 5 to November 25, 2020[4]. Contributor applications ran from December 5, 2020, to January 10, 2021[5].

Preorders opened on July 25, 2021 with the following pricing tiers[6]:

  • Zine + Merch - Full Zine, Coloring Page Pack, Desktop Wallpaper, Social Media Icons, Discord Emojis, Printable Stickers
  • Zine Only
  • Merch Only - Coloring Page Pack, Desktop Wallpaper, Social Media Icons, Discord Emojis, Printable Stickers

Preorders were expected to end September 1 but were extended to October 1, 2021[7]. Another giveaway was organized from September 15 to September 25, 2021, for a full bundle[8]. The winner was announced to be Twitter user davejolina[9].

The zine was sent out by December 15, 2021, and the project's social media account now is unmonitored, signalling the project's end[10].

Project Schedule
Start End
Interest Check October 15, 2020 November 15, 2020
Mod Applications November 5, 2020 November 25, 2020
Contributor Applications December 5, 2020 January 10, 2021
Preorders July 25, 2021 October 1, 2021
Shipping December 15, 2021 -

Moderator Misconduct

Creati's Craft Compendium was included among multiple other zines in a statement published on November 12, 2021, by the mod team of Boom Brigade detailing the unprofessional conduct of Silver, the social media mod of Creati's Craft Compendium and finance mod on multiple other projects[11]. The document included a statement from the mods of Creati's Craft Compendium on Silver along with screenshots of Discord conversations.

On October 4, 2020, Silver created the zine's Discord server and provided invites for the zine on a bang event server where the zine idea was conceived by other participants in the bang event. At this time, Silver had no previous zine mod experience, but since they created the server, they were given the role of Head Mod, a position shared with other mods, even though they only controlled social media.

The document cited incidents in communications and decisions that led to some mods losing trust in Silver. The first most notable incident was a hastily planned giveaway event during the project's interest check period. Silver proceeded with a giveaway event despite the rest of the team's hesitation and disapproval, including making the event's graphics without consulting the graphics mod and introducing the the idea to the team the day before they posted the giveaway. The document stated that this incident would color later interactions between Silver and the other mods.

Tensions were reported to be on the rise during the project's creation period when Silver would respond poorly to other mods' corrections. They also had to be reminded not to answer questions outside of their role or without proper confirmation of facts on the project's "ask a mod" channel of the Discord server.

Silver then proceeded to neglect their duties and had to be pinged in the mod channels to perform their expected tasks. For this reason, the project's contributor lineup was posted later than scheduled, and the project's social media accounts appeared dormant at certain periods. During the project's preorder period, Silver initially retweeted contributor preview posts in a timely manner until they were prompted by mods to plan ways to maintain social media engagement, to which they made suggestions that were never followed through with. A contributor later reached out to the mod team, noticing the project's lack of social media presence, and offered to help with Social Media. The mod team directed to Silver in hopes that they would take the contributor's suggestions and ideas for social media engagement.

When the mod team agreed to extend preorders another month on September 1, 2021, Silver was confronted by a mod about their responsibility to keep the social media accounts active. Other mods disagreed with Silver using the aforementioned contributor to help or even take over Silver's social media duties. They also disagreed with Silver's suggestion to recreuit other mods or intern mods for help. Silver did not respond to the other mod's disagreement with their ideas and began ignoring all pings.

Silver's lack of response led to the head mod to take over their responsibilities. The mod team was unable to remove Silver from the team because Silver created the server used for running the zine. The other team members would continue to see Silver come online to the server and interacting in the mod chat. The head mod's suspicions that Silver was ghosting were confirmed when one of the mods received a direct message from Silver admitting that they very much intended to ghost the team.

The document's section on this zine stated that although Silver was not in charge of finances for Creati's Craft Compendium, their attitude created a tense environment amongst the team. The head mod was reported to have been contacted by multiple other mods about removing Silver from the project. Mod Suga posted on a personal account that the funds for Creati's Craft Compendium were otherwise safe[12].


The following names were taken from the project's social media account[13].

Craft Artists

Page Artists



  • Dina - Art Mod, Graphics
  • Lee - Writer Mod, Beta Mod
  • Silver - Social Media
  • Suga - Finance
  • Jam - Social Media Intern
  • Tai - Art/Graphics Intern
  • Skie - Layout Intern
  • Killian - Layout