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Synonyms: moderator, zine ed
See also: zine publisher
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A zine mod is a newer term in zine fandom which relates to online zines. It is a cross between a zine publisher and a community moderator; an online zine will frequently have a team of zine mods, each with a particular aspect they organize. At the time of print zines, "zine mods" were known as "editors".

Also particular to online zine fandom is a zine concept will often be developed first, then expressions of interest for zine mods requested and a team appointed.


Creati's Craft Compendium

  • Dina - Art Mod, Graphics
  • Lee - Writer Mod, Beta Mod
  • Silver - Social Media
  • Suga - Finance
  • Jam - Social Media Intern
  • Tai - Art/Graphics Intern
  • Skie - Layout Intern
  • Killian - Layout

Let's Rock!

  • Joeseph (cressilly) - Head Mod, Social Media, Art Mod
  • Tea (transtrucy) - Writing Mod
  • Ronnie (starjuicebox) - Art Mod
  • Leo (resoleon) - Finance, Shipping
  • Feiyu - Formatting