Recovery (Boku no Hero Academia zine)

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Title: Recovery
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2019-2020
Medium: Hard Cover Print, PDF
Size: 188 pages
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Language: English
External Links: TumblrArchived Version Twitter
art by Velinxi
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Recovery is a charity zine featuring fanart and fanfiction of characters from Boku no Hero Academia‎ centered around the themes of recovery, mental health, and self care.


Our zine revolves around the theme of recovery, including things like mental health and self-care. Recovery can cover anything from psychological, emotional, and physical struggles- or any combination thereof. Recovery can be a very complicated and difficult topic, as well as hard in practice, but we want to promote the idea that it is is possible, however difficult. We want to portray recovery in a positive light and help people realize that it’s not impossible by telling stories about their favorite BNHA characters in recovery, whether it’s through art or writing.[1]Archived Version

Additional merch included enamel pins, three sticker sheets, acrylic charms, multiple prints and posters, patches, postcards, washi tape bandaids, and sticky notes.

Preorders opened on December 3, 2019 and ended on January 31, 2020. PDF copies began delivery in June 2020. Print copies began shipment on May 26, 2020 and finished September 1, 2020. Leftover sales opened on August 14, 2020 and closed on September 12, 2020.

The profits from all sales were donated and split between two charities that focus on eradicating physical illnesses in countries that don’t have access to enough medical resources.

The profits of the zine will be donated to the Malaria Consortium and the Hellen Keller International’s Program for the Blind. We chose these two because (1) Malaria is the number one cause of death in the world, killing one child every 30 seconds, about 5 children if you’ve read this page from the top and (2) the Hellen Keller International supports programs focused on reducing malnutrition and averting blindness and poor vision of children in sub-Saharan Africa. As this zine caters to recovery through positivity and self-care, we want to extend our concept of “recovery” to those who are in critical need of physical recovery in areas where proper healthcare is not able to reach them. [2]Archived Version

In total $24,130.73 was raised, $12,065.36 for each charity.




The final list of contributors in the printed zine differs from the list at the above link. Because of extra funds, the mods were able to accept additional contributors late, while at the same time two writers and less than five artists dropped out of the project. [3]

The contributors listed below are the names and links printed in the final copy of the zine.


aejoo - Ashley Michelle Simspon - Banana Banshee - Beth Hankel - Cainternn - Di - Ezariumi - Fenkko - foxboros - fruitloop_chan - Haiku - ikuzuu - ixiblitz - Izzy - J Yang - Jeniro - Jess - JustALittleBitArtsy - KadeArt - Kate Kimchii - Keiid - Kibstar - kiiishi_draws - kiwiliko - letsfracturethings - Lianna - Litarnes - Loshka - Luka - Mai - Mariko - microrockets - minibuddy - Mizar - Muerpi - Nartothelar - Naye - Neri - Ninon Lex - QED221B - Ridge - Robyn H - sephariic - snke - Squid - Swiss - Tai - TeenyTraveler - Velinxi - Watty - xafright


Abel - ibelieveinahappilyeverafter - like_froot - deafmic - HapSkyScribbles - Markovia - ohmytheon - rayray - Shea - embep - smurfee


Fenkko - foxboros - Haiku - ixiblitz - Izzy - J Yang - Jess - JustALittleBitArtsy - Kate Kimchii - Lianna - Mariko - minibuddy - Mizar - Muerpi - sephariic - snke - Tai - xafright


Dave, Abel, and Mariko.

Mod Mariko left the team in January 2020 and Mods Dave and Abel felt they needed to publically distance themselves due to issues Mariko was facing on another zine.[4]

Fan Response

Despite some significant delays in shipping/delivery, overall the reaction was positive once the final copies arrived. Most recipients thought the quality of the end products made up for any delays. Those who purchased were generally very impressed with the final hard copy version of the zine, especially since when the zine was originally announced it was not in hardback.

Mooninescent on twitter said:

Got my @recoveryzine today and love it so much!!! Red heart Everything came so nicely and the quality of it all really exceeded my expectation! You can really see all the love and hard work that went in this project! ^^ Everyone did such an amazing job![5]

And nezierf on tumblr said:

It's finally here and i'm so so happy!! The quality is amazing, it's the first zine i bought and i have to admit, i was a bit shocked. The art, comics and stories are beautiful, i'm taking my time to appreciate each one of them! And lets not forget about this great merch (honestly, i didn't check and was surprised to see that little shinsou pin by kate kimchii, it's so cuuute). Huge thanks to all the artists, writers and mods from @recoveryzine !!![6]

Twitter user 3stirali also said:

Just got my @recoveryzine order in the mail! Everything is absolutely top-tier quality, and the amount of Shinsou has me floored!! Thank you all so much for your hard work![7]

People also appreciated the messaging behind the project and that the profits were donated to charity, which made the higher cost of the zine and subsequent bundles more understandable.

Twitter user Luka said:

My MHA Recovery Zine arrived last week, and it's beautiful! This zine has such an important and positive message; thank you to all the mods and contributors @recoveryzine for organizing and executing such a wonderful project~[8]


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