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Title: Arise
Publisher: Jammy & Jelly Zines
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2018
Medium: Print, PDF
Size: pages
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia‎
Language: English
External Links: JAMMY & JELLY ZINES
"Zine cover for Arise, featuring Deku smiling while holding his mask near his face. It is styled like a magazine with article titles around the main picture."
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Arise is a zine featuring fashion-focused fanart and fanfiction of Boku no Hero Academia‎ characters.

The zine was published and moderated by Jammy and Jelly.


The main purpose of this zine is to create a classy but quirky teen fashion magazine revolving around the cast of My Hero Academia. We would like to make this zine as close to an actual teen magazine as possible (think Teen Vogue). Because of this, this project requires a lot of collaboration and teamwork, so please make sure you are active!

This zine will be centered around Spring with back to school elements tied in (Japanese schools typically start around April). To make it feel like an actual magazine, it will include celebrity photoshoots and interviews, multiple advertisements, street fashion sections etc.

This zine will be a collaboration between artists, writers and graphic designers.[1]

Writer collaborated with artists to create pseudo magazine articles with the accompanying 'photos'.

Preorders opened March 2018. Zines were shipped May 2018.



Yuka (palmtreehero) ✿ Prinz (prinzcake) ✿ Meru (meru90) ✿ Sailor Suits (sailor_suits) ✿ Marchingspace (hiranadira) ✿ Totsuri (totomochi) ✿ Keiid (keiid) ✿ Mei (potatoccalon) ✿ Olivia F (tncts) ✿ Myst (mysticalflyte) ✿ Rin I. (braidcut) ✿ Ling (nantoka_rin) ✿ Snowlattes (snowlattes) ✿ Misu (misu_025) ✿ Tetraorb (tetraorb) ✿ Sinfulhime (sinfulhime) ✿ Ginger (komunhorangi) ✿ N.ds (benteveo) ✿ Val Jenzen (cinnieminni) ✿ Kou (0vv0b) ✿ Meru (automeruz) ✿ Lowah (lowarghh) ✿ Munette (munette) ✿ Terra (tecchi_kun) ✿ Kairisk (riskydoodles) ✿ Miyu (redbeantofu) ✿ Sven (legendarydesvender) ✿ Hachi (felidadae) ✿ Minxie (min-xie) ✿ Renee (rnoonjelly) ✿ Gideoff (gi-de-off) ✿ Ally (kkumri) ✿ Tuna (eelbeats) ✿ Kibstar (grimmy666666) ✿ Chel (neutrallycynic) ✿ Dimittil (dmittil) ✿ Kay Fine (kf1n3) ✿ Viridiana (viri-idiana) ✿ Lemoneto (lemoneto) ✿ Tamakid (tamakid) ✿ Van (kawovan) ✿ Ele (imjustanectoplasm) ✿ Lexin (qrbits) ✿ Mirshroom (mirshroom) ✿ Audi (audidraws) ✿ Ravefirell (ravefirell) ✿ Kahazel (kahazel) ✿ Tuesdae (goodknight2sdae) ✿ Loo (terrysleftboob) ✿ Ryuuseikuma (ryuuseikuma) ✿ Meerl (_meerl) ✿ Hunter (omeleting) ✿ Sarsi (ssn7_) ✿ Knightic (knightic) ✿ Chen (kostyaa00) ✿ Fern (eleressea) ✿ Yuchen (hyuchenn) ✿ Rina (todoyamas) ✿ Sam (razzberrysheep) ✿ Hebes (hebesdrawings)


Son M. (bogboogie) ✿ Shea (theroyalsavage) ✿ 5557 (autisticvoltronld) ✿ Jay (lowermiddlechild) ✿ Syd (shitpostney)

Graphic Designers:

Jess (tarotealeaf) ✿ Angela (azhanzhang) ✿ Castypha (castypha)