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Name: Hawks, Keigo Takami (鷹見啓悟 , Takami Keigo)
Occupation: Hero
Relationships: Tomie Takami (mother)
Hero Public Safety Commision (employer)
League of Villains (spy)
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Hawks (legal name Keigo Takami (鷹見啓悟 , Takami Keigo)) is an Pro Hero in the Boku no Hero Academia manga and anime.


Hawks is introduced as the No. 3 ranked Pro Hero in Japan. He publically presents laid back, carefree attitude, which covers a highly vigilant and serious personality. He takes Tokoyami on as an intern during the internship arc. He infiltrates the League of Villains as a double agent, working closely with Dabi. However during the Paranormal Liberation War, he openly works against the villains and with the heroes. He idolizes Endeavor and continued to support him after Dabi revealed his past.


Fierce Wings:


Hawks is very popular within the fandom, both for people shipping him with Dabi and as a character in his own right.

Popular Tropes

  • It's a popular headcanon that Hawks has a lot of bird (and specifically raptor) features, such as clawed bird feet and the raptor gripping reflex. [1][2] This is at least partially based on the fact that for certain types of real-life hawks, a firm grip is the default state, while relaxing their talons takes effort. [3]
  • Fandom often expands on Hawk's mistreatment by the Heroics Public Safety Commission, which is only touched on briefly in canon. Common elements include the Commission limiting his free time, making decisions about his career and agency, and punishing him for unwanted behaviors and perceived failures. Often, discussion of Hawks having bird traits will be paired with speculation that he may have been penalized for these traits by the Commission, or even that the Commission gave him surgery to remove or alter more obviously nonhuman traits.
  • Fandom also often expands upon Hawk's relationship with the League of Villains, at times incorporating him into a familial dynamic within the League.
  • Hawks is often given student-mentor or even parental relationships with older hero characters.


The most popular ship involving Hawks is Dabi/Hawks. Fandom basically invented his friendship with Mirko, occasionally shipping them but usually writing their relationship as platonic and coworkers.





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