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Synonyms: 耽美
See also: Dangai, Boys' Love
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Danmei (耽美) is a Chinese genre of literature and other fictional media revolving around homosexual men and their romantic relationships. Danmei primarily derived from the Japanese translation of "aestheticism," the term became widely used in Chinese culture with the spread of Japanese Shōjo manga and doujin culture in the late 20th century. Prior to that, China possessed a distinct history of homoerotic literature, and even today, the application of this term varies within the cultural contexts of both Chinese and Japanese traditions. It is typically targeted towards a female audience but occasionally pans toward men. Currently, in the Chinese context, danmei commonly refers to the cnovels published on the popular site JJWXC and when it amasses a large fandom, which gets the opportunity to be produced into a donghua, manhua, cdrama, or all of the above.


Chinese Danmei Examples with Fandoms

Fannish Works

  • Danmei Podfics With Gem - A a mature, 18+ podfic podcast dedicated to transforming mulitfandom danmei (Chinese "Boys Love," also known as "BL") fanfiction into audio stories.

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