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Name: Friends at the Table
Abbreviation(s): FATT, FatT, F@TT
Creator: Austin Walker, Ali Acampora, Art Martinez-Tebbel, Jack de Quidt, Keith J. Carberry, Nick Scratch, Andrew Lee Swan, Sylvi Bullet, Janine Hawkins
Date(s): September 12, 2014 to Present
Medium: podcast
Country of Origin: Canada, UK, USA
External Links: website, Twitter, Patreon, webstore
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Friends at the Table is a long-running weekly TTRPG actual play podcast focused on critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. In addition to GM and host Austin Walker, the cast includes Ali Acampora, Andrew Lee Swan, Art Martinez-Tebbel, Jack de Quidt, Janine Hawkins, Keith J. Carberry, Sylvi Bullet, and (formerly) Nick Scratch. The show's smallish but dedicated fandom is active on Twitter, Tumblr, Cohost, and Discord.


Seasons and Continuities

See List of Friends at the Table Seasons for a full list.

The podcast is currently in its eighth full season, not counting three mini-seasons or the multiple bonus seasons created exclusively for Patreon supporters. Generally speaking, Friends at the Table alternates between continuities each season, and fans of one season/continuity may not necessarily be fans of another; in this way, it encompasses a number of sub-fandoms.

So far, seasons of the show have taken place in four different continuities:

History of the Fandom

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While the results are certainly not scientific, two separate Tumblr polls that ran in 2023 - one in February, and one in November - found that well over a third of respondents began listening to the show in 2017 or 2018.[1][2]

In 2022, a number of Friends at the Table fans followed the cast of the show from Twitter to Cohost, creating accounts on the new social media platform and either cross-posting or exclusively posting their fanworks and fandom posts there.


Popular pairings and moresomes are listed below according to the continuity in which they appear. No one ship genre tends to dominate the fandom, although F/F, M/M and non-binary ships are more popular than M/F.

Seasons of Hieron

The Divine Cycle


Bluff City

Fan Reviews and Responses

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1.) I love the balance FatT strikes between seriousness and humor. They are very storytelling-oriented, and never let humor detract from the story they are telling. However, they are friends and they act like it, joking around with each other fairly frequently, and they are genuinely funny in their own right. Worldbuilding is one of their 3 main focuses and they do a great job of it. Their other two focuses are "smart characterization and fun interaction between good friends", so they place high priority on both roleplay and banter

2.) I would say that the quality of episodes increases throughout the beginning of Counter/Weight, and then stays pretty consistent up through the present. 3.) My background: I'm in love with The Adventure Zone, and tried up to the start of the second "book" of Glass Cannon, but found it less funny and more straight gameplay-oriented than I had hoped.

Friends at the Table is much more story focused than Glass Cannon was, and about as story oriented as The Adventure Zone during 11th Hour. FatT doesn't have me laughing as much as TAZ usually does, but FatT does have me as enraptured by its story as TAZ did during these last few episodes. A good comparison to draw between the two is that while the McElroys are primarily concerned with doing the funniest thing, the Friends are primarily concerned with doing the most interesting thing. That isn't to say that TAZ isn't interesting, or that FatT isn't funny, though.

I very much love Friends at the Table. I've tried a smattering of different RPG podcasts, and FatT and TAZ are my top two favorites.

comment by ellingeng123 on Reddit[3]

There is a good mix of serious and funny, not so much of either one though to make the tone shifts completely unexpected.

I would say that overall FatT gets better with age. I've been listening since early in Counter/Weight (and did go back to listen to season 1 when I got caught up with C/W, it's good if you can get past the audio issues) and I feel that the quality of the RP as well as the GMing get better as the series continues. The music is consistently incredible as well.

I have only listened to tAZ of the four pods you referenced here. Breaking it down I would say tAZ is funnier on a minute to minute basis, while FatT is more of a balance between serious and funny. TAZ is far more loose with the rules. Also FatT does not play D&D, they have played several games in the PbtA family of systems, so if you're looking for more D&D this may not be the right pod for you.

With all that said, I absolutely love both podcasts, they are my two favorites to listen to, both have pulled me into their characters/worlds extremely effectively and I would recommend them to anyone who has an interest in Actual Play podcasts.

comment by Jdick516 on Reddit[4]

friends at the table fans are absolutely the most insufferable type of fan. no question about it. we KNOW we're insufferable too, and very loud about it. the niche we have carved ourselves is too great. a PODCAST (hard media for people to get into) about playing ROLEPLAYING GAMES (weirdo nerd interest to get into) and not even the mainstream ttrpgs but the indie ones that 75% of the already niche weirdo subculture don't know about, and every season is about insane gay people and grappling with huge philosophical concepts and the world changing and also freaky weird shit like a guy who is all bees and mechs that keep you alive for a hundred years. and yet its the best media you could ever consume and you desperately need other people to talk to about it otherwise the little bugs in your brain will DIE.

Tumblr post by knittedbond[5]

Fests and Challenges

Secret Samol

Secret Samol, or SecSam for short, is an annual Friends at the Table fanworks exchange organized by dancynrew, imperialhare, and oziads.[6] It runs in the winter, typically through December and January, and was in its seventh year in 2022.[6]


Since 2016, katiediek and hellavarawr have organized #15DaysofFatT, an annual prompt-based fanworks challenge.[7]

FatT Pinup Week

FatT Pinup Week was a fanweek run by Arp on Twitter, Tumblr, and Cohost in the summer of 2023.


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A number of Friends at the Table fans have made short fangames, ranging from interactive fanfiction to a Pokémon-style RPG. A number of these games were made as Secret Samol gifts for other fans.

Some examples include:


Four Friends at the Table fanzines have been created so far, all of them collaborative charity zines. In June 2020, with permission from each zine's respective organizer(s), the cast of Friends at the Table collected PDFs of all of the zines and included them in a charity fundraiser sale on Itch[8] benefiting four US-based non-profits fighting for racial justice and police/prison abolition.[9]

The zines are:


Because Friends at the Table is a non-visual medium, vids tend to take the form of either animatics or constructed reality vids. The latter are often labelled as AMVs and/or created using footage from classic anime in homage to Friends at the Table's anime influences.

Examples of animatics:

Examples of constructed reality vids:

Other Fanworks


Thanks to Friends at the Table's sprawling canon and huge archives, the fandom has initiated a number of projects to create resources and reference materials for fans. These resources are sometimes also used by the cast in the making of the show.

Examples include:

External Links


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