Dimension 20

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Name: Dimension 20
Abbreviation(s): D20
Creator: College Humor & Brennan Lee Mulligan
Date(s): 2019–present
Medium: Actual-play web series and podcast
Country of Origin: United States
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Dimension 20 is a Tabletop RPG actual-play web series and podcast produced by College Humor and Dropout. All episodes are available on Dropout. Some seasons have been released as a podcast, some are available on YouTube and some have been streamed live on Twitch.

Dimension 20 is an anthology show based on homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition settings and other tabletop RPGs.


  • Fantasty High follows six students in their time at Aguefort Adventuring Academy in a parody of high fantasy settings. Think a normal D&D party via The Breakfast Club. So far it has followed them through Freshman and Sophomore year (two full seasons), as well as special events as one-off live shows (e.g. Boy's Night).
  • The Unsleeping City is an urban fantasy setting based in magical New York, which includes the sixth borough of Nod. Includes two full seasons so far.
  • A Crown of Candy, a high-lethality season fusing the themes of Game of Thrones and Candyland.
  • Escape from the Bloodkeep is a parody of The Lord of the Rings, told from the villains' perspective.
  • Tiny Heist, a The Borrowers/Toy Story/A Bug's Life version of Ocean's 11.
  • Escape from Leviathon. PIRATES!
  • Of Mice & Murder, a Sherlock Holmes/Beatrix Potter fusion murder mystery in the style of Agatha Christie.
  • Magic & Misfits, a Harry Potter/magical school parody using the Kids on Brooms TTRPG system.


As of July 2021, the fandom had 1,600 works on AO3, most of them rated gen. Most of the fanworks on AO3 currently feature Fantasy High characters, but A Crown of Candy has inspired a fan podcast, a regular Big Bang event, and several vids.

Main pairings include:

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In Fantasy High, several of the characters play in a rock band, Fig and the Sig Figs. Several fans came together to form a tribute band called Sig Fig Collective.

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