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Name: Dimension 20
Abbreviation(s): D20
Creator: College Humor & Brennan Lee Mulligan
Date(s): 2019–present
Medium: Actual-play web series and podcast
Country of Origin: United States
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Dimension 20 is a TTRPG actual-play web series and podcast produced by Dropout. The main show features the Intrepid Heroes with DM Brennan Lee Mulligan, but there have been several "sidequests"[1] with other groups of players and DMs. The show is primarily played with Dungeons and Dragons 5E, but other systems have been used in the sidequest seasons. While the show is filmed, all of the seasons are available in audio format for Dropout subscribers with several campaigns are also available on other podcast platforms.

Because Dimension 20 is an anthology show, nearly every season features new characters and many of them feature new settings as well. This makes the fandom slightly different from other actual-play fandoms such as Critical Role and Friends at the Table, which feature a few campaigns stretched over many years.


As of Feb 2023, there are 20 seasons of Dimension 20 split into 5 longer campaigns with the Intrepid Heroes (usually about 17 episodes) and 13 shorter sidequests featuring other players and DMs (between 4 and 10 episodes). These campaigns range from Escape from the Bloodkeep, which is a sidequest parodying The Lord of the Rings from the villains' perspective, to Misfits and Magic, a Harry Potter parody played with the Kids on Brooms TTRPG system.

Fantasy High

Fantasy High is what can be considered the "main" Dimension 20 world, insofar as an anthology has a main world. It's described as D&D by way of The Breakfast Club, featuring characters in a fantasy high school setting. This was the first campaign featuring the Intrepid Heroes and was quickly followed by two live events, one featuring Brian David Gilbert and another featuring Griffin McElroy. The popularity of Fantasy High resulted in a sequel campaign livestreamed on Twitch following the characters in their sophomore year. A further two "live" events were recorded, "College Visit" for RTX @ Home and "Boys' Night!" for Roll20Con. A third season of Fantasy High covering the characters' junior year was announced in Dropout's 5th Anniversary video.[2]

There are also two spin-off sidequests set in the world of Fantasy High: Pirates of Leviathan, an adventure largely unrelated to the main plot of Fantasy High featuring a crew of pirates, and The Seven, a campaign following the titular Seven Maidens who became connected after Prompocalypse.

The Unsleeping City

The other Dimension 20 campaign that's returned for another season is The Unsleeping City. It's billed as "D&D meets NYC" and takes place in an urban fantasy version of New York. The second season was filmed remotely and aired in 2020.


As of July 2021, the fandom had 1,600 works on AO3, most of them rated gen. Most of the fanworks on AO3 currently feature Fantasy High characters, but A Crown of Candy has inspired a fan podcast, a regular Big Bang event, and several vids.

Main pairings include:

Example Fanworks

"Official" Fanworks




Fantasy High features a band called "Fig and the Sig Figs." Several fans then came together to form a band called Sig Figs Collective,[4] which has produced several fan albums for various Dimension 20 campaigns. Significant Figures is a Fantasy High fan album, Sucrosi Road King Size is a fan album for A Crown of Candy, and Voxes: Stimulant is for The Unsleeping City.

Additionally, Night Yorb also produced a fan album for Fantasy High[5] as well as several other fan songs.

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