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Name: Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy
Also Known As:
Occupation: podcasters, video creators, TV stars
Medium: Podcasts, YouTube, television
Works: My Brother, My Brother and Me; The Adventure Zone, etc.
Official Website(s):; McElroy shows on
Fan Website(s): MBMBaM Wikia
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Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy are three brothers from Huntington, West Virginia. They have been slowly building an empire of podcasts, YouTube video series, and television shows since 2010. Their most popular works include My Brother, My Brother and Me (an advice podcast for the modren era), The Adventure Zone (a D&D playthrough podcast), and Monster Factory (a YouTube series about creating the worst possible game characters).

The McElroys work together for some shows, but each brother also has projects on their own with their wives and with non-McElroys. Shows by Justin include Sawbones and Things I Bought at Sheetz; shows by Travis include Shmanners, Interrobang, and Trends Like These; shows by Griffin include Peacecraft, Griffin's Amiibo Corner, Car Boys, and Cool Games, Inc.

Justin and Griffin both work for gaming website Polygon, where their video series are hosted.

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