Monster Factory

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Name: Monster Factory
Creator: McElroy Brothers, Polygon
Date(s): May 4, 2015-
Medium: Youtube
Country of Origin: America
External Links: Monster Factory on Youtube]
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Justin and Griffin McElroy run a Youtube show for Polygon where the brothers take the video game character creators as far as possible, making bizarre player characters in various video games. After coming up with an odd character, the brothers will play the game with their disturbing player character. Often mods are used to further break down the game for purposes of enjoyment.

Each video game destroyed often takes several episodes for the brothers to fully explore, and develops its own lore around the player character.


The most popular run explores Fallout 4 through extensive, game-breaking modding, with a player character dubbed Final Pam.

Example Fanworks





  • Monster Factory Bot on Twitter, created July 2016, accessed 30 Nov 2018. Twitterbot that tweets random lines from the series.