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Synonyms: Fan Music
See also: AMV, Filk
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Fan song is a broad term for musical fanworks, whether they exist as lyrics only or the song is actually produced/performed.

While the majority of fannish music in the 20th century was called Filk, both the term and the folk-music style have faded. Fan songs are now commonly posted online.



Some fansongs can be classified as filk, which is generally defined as music of science fiction/fantasy fandoms, often parodying existing commercial songs. The exact limits of what defines "filk" is debated among fans.

The Internet


Genres & Styles

In video game fandoms, fans often produce remixes or arrangements of the game's soundtrack. For example, this is a common fan activity in Touhou fandom.

In Vocaloid and anime fandoms, fans often sing cover versions of the existing songs (a.k.a. fandubs). These may be with the original lyrics or may be translated into another language. These covers are particularly popular for anime OPs.


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