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Name: Dave Strider
Relationships: Rose Lalonde (sister), Dirk Strider (brother), Bro Strider (brother), Roxy Lalonde (sister), Karkat Vantas (boyfriend), Terezi Pyrope (patron troll)
Fandom: Homestuck
Other: Pesterchum handle: turntechGodhead
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Dave Strider is one of the main characters of the webcomic Homestuck and the third character the reader meets. Dave was raised by his older brother who is only ever referred to in the comic as "Bro". His main interests include sick beats, his online friends, and being as cool as his bro. When Rose Lalonde cajoles him into playing Sburb as her server player. In his mythological capacity in the game he maintained a large number of stable time loops and made a killing on the crocodile stock market. Later he formed a bond with Terezi Pyrope and Karkat Vantas.

Character in Fanworks

Some common tropes include:

  • transgender Dave - this character interpretation first appeared on the SFW meme captchalogue (cf. "menstrual ninja") and spread from there.
  • Dave and Bro: child abuse? relationship?
  • dead Daves and Davesprite (so many sad stories about Dave...)

Some popular pairings include Dave/Karkat, Dave/John, Dave/Terezi, Dave/Rose, Dave/Bro, Dave/Tavros, Dave/Sollux and others.

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