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Name: Toby Fox
Also Known As: Radiation, Fwugradiation, Annoying Dog
Occupation: indie composer, gamedev
Medium: music, video games
Works: Earthbound Halloween Hack, Homestuck (sound team),Undertale, Hiveswap (sound team), 74 (collab with Itoki Hana), Deltarune, Little Town Hero (composer)
Official Website(s): tobyfox Twitter; fwugradiation Tumblr; Toby Fox Bandcamp
Fan Website(s):
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Toby Fox is the creator of indie games Undertale and Deltarune, as well as many musical pieces used in Homestuck. He has also created many fanworks, usually musical.

On a joking "who would win" Tumblr thread about the staff of Hiveswap, Cohen Edenfield claimed that he had personally seen Toby do parkour in real life, and said that Toby's only weakness is his shyness.

As a Creator

Undertale was released in 2015 and Deltarune was released in 2018.

Fox appears in Undertale and Deltarune as a small white dog called the Annoying Dog, and has gained a reputation for appearing in interviews and at awards ceremonies wearing a mask that looks like the character. While he has withdrawn on social media since fan response to Undertale was so huge, he is well known among fans for his eccentric sense of humor.

Fox is also known for slipping the song Megalovania, a piece he originally composed for his Halloween Hack, into other projects he works on, including Homestuck, in the flash animation [S] Wake, and Undertale, during the final boss battle of one of the routes.

In Fandom

In 2011 Fox created The Baby Is You, a controversial Homestuck parody musical about mpreg, in response to content rules on the MSPA forums.

He also created the narrative song 74, and both fan and official music for his friends' works, such as the webcomics Cucumber Quest and Monster Pulse.

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