MS Paint Adventures

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Name: MS Paint Adventures
Abbreviation(s): MSPA
Creator: Andrew Hussie
Date(s): September 2006-
Medium: Webcomic
Country of Origin: U.S.
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MS Paint Adventures is a series of webcomics by Andrew Hussie. The titles include Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, Bard Quest and Jailbreak. The fandom interaction within these comics has been vital since the beginning, with all four comics following user-given commands, initially via the site's forum. The format was based on text text based adventure games and quests, where players enter prompts to progress the story, but as Hussie illustrated only one suggestion, the path is fixed.


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During Homestuck's run, fans created desktop apps that would give notifications whenever MSPA updated.

Canon-Fandom Relationship

Apart from entering user commands, which directly influenced the stories Hussie was telling, canon and fandom had a higher than usual interplay than in other works, particularly once the rise of Homestuck's popularity inspired more people to contribute to fanworks. In jokes from fandom would be referenced in canon, Hussie asked for fans to contribute art and music, and many peoples' first introduction to MS Paint Adventures was through encountering cosplayers or fans of the series, rather from the actual content.