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Name: Andrew Hussie
Also Known As:
Medium: webcomic
Works: MS Paint Adventures, most notably Homestuck
Official Website(s): MS Paint Adventures

MSP Andrew Tumblr account

Andrew Hussie Twitter account
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Andrew Hussie is a cartoonist and comic author. Among his works are MS Paint Adventures, a series of webcomics, the most famous of which is Homestuck. He appears as a recurring character in both Homestuck and Psycholonials, where he uses himself as a plot device and (figurative and literal) breaker of the fourth wall.


Hussie's history is somewhat controversial. Before MSPA, he had a webcomic site titled "Team Special Olympics".

Interaction with Fandom

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Andrew Hussie stares "homoerotically" at his reader.
Andrew Hussie, in troll cosplay, deals with a costume malfunction.

Hussie's self-insertion into Homestuck as a literary device and acknowledgement of fandom in the canon is notable.

Hussie is clearly aware of his fans, but it is unclear to which extent and whether he is influenced by them. Especially after surprising updates, some fans regularly accuse him of "trolling" the fans and of deliberately introducing content to mess with them. While he has occasionally admitted to including details made popular by fandom (for example the way he drew Karkat's ancestor, a reference to Pantskat), Hussie says that all major plot points were planned far in advance.[citation needed]

In May 2011, Andrew Hussie made a post (now deleted, anyone have screencaps?) on Formspring asking his fans not to sell fanart or any other fanproducts without his explicit permission.[1][2] Some fans were understanding, while many others could not understand his stance and were very annoyed. (See also Selling Fanart for this issue in fandom in general.)


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