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Name: John Egbert
Title/Rank: Heir of Breath
Location: (current) Paradox Space
Status: God-Tier
Relationships: Jade Harley (sister)

Dad (Adoptive father, Genetic half-brother) Vriska Serket (patron troll) Nanna (Adoptive grandmother, Genetic mother) Casey (Possibly former adoptive daughter) Poppop (Post-Scratch Self)

Wayward Vagabond (Exile)
Fandom: Homestuck
Other: Pesterchum handles: ectoBiologist (current), ghostyTrickster (previous)
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John Egbert is one of the main characters of the webcomic Homestuck and the first one who appears to the reader. John uses an online application known as Pesterchum to communicate with his other tech-savvy friends. His chumhandle is ectoBiologist. It used to be ghostyTrickster, but he changed it to avoid the trolls. Oddly, he chose the name ectoBiologist based on a comment by Terezi.[1]

As of December 2014, there are 8,354 works on AO3 and 3,100 works on with John listed as one of the characters. There may be some overlap between the two sites. The most popular Homestuck pairing on AO3 is John/Dave, with 3,023 works as of December 2014 and 4,471 works as of October 2017. It is difficult to track how popular he is on tumblr, considering the archiving methods of the blogging platform.

(maybe some canon info, general popularity)

Canon Biography

He is notable for being one of the only characters in the comic with a parent that approaches anything close to normal. His status as a "friendleader" tends to be emphasized, and if any of the main human characters has internalized homophobia he's a likely candidate for it in fic.

Canon Relationships

Beta Kids

Rose, Dave and Jade are his best friends, and have been for a long time. It would appear that John's opinion of them hasn't changed too much since their session started. He did appear to have some sort of romantic feelings for Rose, as he got nervous about Karkat's suggestion that John and Rose should get married. Around the Seer: Descend flash, he became nervous when they met, but very quickly warmed up to her, and even brought up the subject of marrying her, which he quickly became embarrassed about.

Alpha Kids



Fannish Reception

Despite the fact that many fans of the comic see John as naive, or someone to be a "precious baby", he is anything but. Shipping: John/Karkat, John/Dave, John/Vriska, John/Rose, Sollux/John


In canon John says to Karkat that he is "not a homosexual." There is much discussion and fights about whether or not this means that canon John is clearly heterosexual: other fans say that as a 13-year-old kid, John himself might not be clearly aware of his sexuality yet, and that sexuality is fluid. The statement features heavily in many fanworks that ship John with Dave or Karkat for added angst.


Some of the more popular include:

  • Battlefield Terra (by Asuka Kureru or Askerian)
  • Real Men Wear Tights (by Bananaramses and SergeantMeow)
  • Don't Point That Finger at Me Unless You Intend To Use It (by Blue_Thallium)


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