We poppin the BIGGEST bottles

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Synonyms: We poppin the BIGGEST bottles
Date Started: December 17, 2014
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See Also: Handmaiden and Feudal Lord
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We poppin the BIGGEST bottles is a meme originating on Tumblr that reached viral popularity.

On December 17th, 2014, the day before the Legend of Korra series finale, Tumblr user avataraskorra posted:

we poppin the BIGGEST bottles when makorra happens tomorrow[1]

This post has since become a meme[2], due to the series ending with Korrasami becoming canon instead, proving OP spectacularly wrong. A popular version of the post contained another user's reply with the Pepe meme.[3]

Korrasami, an F/F relationship, becoming the endgame ship, rather than Makorra, a het relationship, was considered a major win for representation by the LGBT community. The meme is now often used to connote a reaction involving LGBT pride and achievements for representation. It may also be used to jab at predictions that were proved hilariously wrong by canon.

poppingmakorrabottles is a korrasami blog.

There was some wank involving user avatarskorra, who continued to say Makorra should have been canon and that Korrasami did not develop naturally.


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Other Fandoms

  • "SOLDIER 76 IS GAY - WE’RE POPPING THE BIGGEST BOTTLES"[4] in reaction to Jack Morrison being canonically gay.


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