Handmaiden and Feudal Lord

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Synonyms: feudal lord and handmaiden
Date Started: March 2015
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You may be looking for Some things about Korrasami and Makorra ..., the page about the meta that spawned this meme.

Handmaiden and Feudal Lord is a meme originating on Tumblr after the viral popularity of a particular tumblr post about Legend of Korra ship Korrasami wherein the author said the following infamous line:

Korrasami is more heteronormative because it exhibits falsely a very feminine girl (Asami) being a handmaiden of Korra (who is treated as the male/masculine/feudal lord of the relationship).
- etheraxis

The meme was first spotted around March 14 2015[1], presumably somewhere near the posting of the meta that spawned the meme itself.


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