The Confession of Captain Kent Brighton

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NameThe Confession of Captain Kent Brighton
FandomFriends at the Table: Twilight Mirage
Developer(s)Matthew Guzdial
Release dateFebruary 3, 2019
Genre(s)Interactive Fiction, M/M
External link(s)Archived webpage
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The Confession of Captain Kent Brighton is a Twine-based Friends at the Table fangame by Matthew Guzdial. It was created for the 2019 round of Secret Samol.[1]

The game follows Twilight Mirage NPC Kent Brighton as he attempts to confess his feelings for the player character Gig Kephart. There are six possible endings, and the game also employs some light procgen elements.[1]

The opening lines of the game begin:

You sit in a plush, ornate armchair, nervously shifting.

You wear your finest admiral's jacket and denimest jeans.

Tonight you, Captain Kent Brighton of the Lineage Brighton of the Rogue Wave, will confess your feelings to your greatest ally, super-celebrity, and longtime unrequited love, Gig Kephart.[2]