Twilight Mirage

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Name: Twilight Mirage
Abbreviation(s): TM
Creator: Friends at the Table
Date(s): Jun 29, 2017 - Sep 10, 2018
Medium: podcast
Country of Origin:
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Twilight Mirage is the fourth season of the tabletop RPG actual-play podcast Friends at the Table. The podcast is hosted by GM Austin Walker and features players Ali Acampora, Andrew Lee Swan, Art Martinez-Tebbel, Jack de Quidt, Janine Hawkins, Keith J. Carberry, and Sylvia Clare.

Chronologically, it follows COUNTER/Weight and is followed by PARTIZAN, though each season's story stands alone and has its own discrete fandom.

Since the first grain silo, the first cathedral, the first ship, since the first computer, the first time we put pen to page—we’ve always made things bigger, quicker, longer lasting, different than us. For a long time, we thought we were building mirrors. But now we know better: We were setting fires. [1]



Twilight Mirage is set in the same mecha-centric space opera universe as COUNTER/Weight. It takes place roughly thirty thousand years after the events of COUNTER/Weight.


Player Characters

  • Echo Reverie (they/them), a "petty criminal" played by Sylvia Clare
  • Even Gardner (he/him), a soldier and cyborg played by Andrew Lee Swan
  • Fourteen Fifteen (they/them), a "body-swapping assassin" played by Jack de Quidt
  • Gig Kephart (he/him), a famous vlogger played by Keith J. Carberry
  • Grand Magnificent (he/him), a mononymous artist and engineer played by Art Martinez-Tebbel
  • Tender Sky (she/her), a "big titty catgirl with an amazing tailor" played by Ali Acampora
  • They marked scars of light in pitch; born in fiercest purpose, and beheld as the signet sealed upon our pact (she/her), known as ⸢Signet⸣ for short, a former Excerpt played by Janine Hawkins

Notable NPCs

  • Anticipation
  • Ballad Reverie, Echo's older brother
  • ⸢Blooming⸣
  • Cascabel, a mercenary and Even's eventual boyfriend
  • Declan's Corrective
  • Demani Dusk and Gray Gloaming, fiancées
  • Duck, Gig's horse with a prehensile mane
  • Morning's Observation
  • Open Metal, Tender's ex-girlfriend
  • Polyphony
  • Waltz Tango (Cache)
  • Yam


Notable Ships

  • Fourteen Fifteen/Tender Sky (a.k.a. Tenfour)
  • Grand Magnificent/Echo Reverie
  • Even Gardner/Cascabel

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