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Name: MCSR
Type: Speedrunning community
Fandom: Minecraft
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MCSR stands for Minecraft speedrunning, and is a term that describes both the community of those who speedrun, and the fandom of streamers who speedrun, with the latter being a subfandom of MCYT.

One of the largest and most notable groups of speedrunners is House Builder Gang, who gained popularity on Twitch and among the MCYT fandom.


Java Speedrunning

Bedrock Speedrunning

Classic Speedrunning

Minecraft Classic Speedrunning is a subcommunity of the Minecraft Speedrunning community dedicated to the Minecraft version 0.0.23a_01. It has 5,024 runs on, as of December 16th, 2023.[1]

Legacy Console Edition Speedrunning

Pocket Edition Lite Speedrunning



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