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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Dream SMP, Dream Team SMP
Scope/Focus: Minecraft YouTuber RPF
Date(s): April 2020 -
See also: Minecraft
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Dream SMP (previously Dream Team SMP) is a private Minecraft survival server. It is a part of a larger RPF fandom called Minecraft YouTube, shortened to MCYT. Dream SMP is named after the YouTuber who hosted it, Dream (or DreamWasTaken). The fandom is based mainly around the Twitch streams and YouTube videos of the roleplay that took place in the server.

Two similar concepts occurred before Dream SMP. SMPLive on Mar 1, 2019 by CallMeCarson. Then SMPEarth on Nov 22, 2019, started by chippledipple, Wilbur Soot, and JoshA20. However, these two Minecraft servers did not spawn nearly as large a following as the Dream SMP and it's players.


The canon of Dream SMP is established through the streams and YouTube videos by the participants. The roleplay on the server, including any seemingly negative or aggressive relationships, are dramatized and not to be taken seriously, similar to HLVRAI. There are over a dozen "main characters" and then a handful of guests, each roleplaying on the server. Roleplay mostly revolves around the ever changing factions on the server. There are 24 "eras" relating to the factions and roleplay events listed on the Dream SMP wiki as of Mar 9, 2021.[1]


Some of the popular YouTubers in the fandom who play on the server are listed below. Many of these YouTubers have appeared in one another's streams and YouTube videos in the past even before Dream SMP was created. This is not a comprehensive list of players.


A non-comprehensive list of those who have joined the DreamSMP as guests, rather than active players, usually for one stream only.

TommyInnit and The Disks

In the beginning there were only three players, including the host Dream. As the server opened up to more players the story began to expand. According to the YouTube video Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Part 1 by EvenMCGaming, the most important player to join the sever was TommyInnit.[2] This is due to Tommy stealing, griefing, and killing other players over and over, eventually resulting in conflict with Dream. Dream then confiscated Tommy's music disks as punishment, and a back-and-forth fight between Dream (trying to keep the disks from Tommy) and Tommy (trying to get the disks from Dream) ensued. Tommy's disks would later play a part in the L'Manberg war.

Wilbur Soot and L'Manberg

The L'Manberg war is one of the plot points in the server to be depicted frequently in fanworks. Many of the events involving Wilbur Soot are centered around this war and any following fallout. L'Manberg was an early faction started by Wilbur Soot, along with his friends TommyInnit, Fundy, and Tubbo. L'Manberg directly opposed the main leadership of Dream SMP, a titular faction also called the "Greater Dream SMP," and was subjugated by the Dream SMP leadership. War was declared by the Dream Team after L'Manberg declared its independence. In the end L'Manberg lost, but at the same time was allowed it's independence, thanks to negotiations between Dream and TommyInnit.

After gaining "independance," Wilbur Soot and Tommy tried to run a rigged election. They lost to Jschlatt. Jschaltt renamed L'manburg to Manburg, and Wilbur and his friends began plotting to overthrow him. They formed the secret underground commune Pogtopia to accomplish this, and Tubbo was a double agent who spied on Manburg for Wilbur. In the end Wilbur blew up Manburg with help from Dream, who provided the TNT.[3]

L'Manberg has it's own uniform, which Wilbur Soot owns in real life and sometimes wears in Dream SMP streams. L'Manberg citizens wore a similar skin in game during the original revolution. The uniform is depicted often in fanworks.

TommyInnit and Exile

After the L'Manberg war, Tubbo took over as president of L'Manberg and Wilbur Soot stepped down from any major plots. Wilbur changed his skin and became "Ghostbur," a "ghost" of dead Wilbur, who could only remember happy moments. Ghostbur, though no longer a main participant in plots, still occasionally affected the plot in smaller ways.

After another skirmish between Dream and Tommy, Dream gave Tubbo and the rest of L'Manberg an ultimatum. Either they banished Tommy or Dream would build a huge obsidian wall around L'Manberg. Despite everyone voting to oppose Dream, Tubbo agreed with Dream's demands anyways and exiled Tommy. Ghostbur gave Tommy a compass that always pointed to "his Tubbo" and gave Tubbo a similar one which pointed to "his Tommy," since the two were best friends.

Dream would visit lonely Tommy frequently, and always made him throw away and burn his items so Tommy would gain no meaningful progress. After finding out that Tommy had made a secret stash of goodies, Dream blew up Tommy's base and he was forced to start over again. Tommy ended up moving in beneath Technoblade's secret base after Technoblade had an attempt on his life by "The Butcher Army," (Tubbo, Quackity, Fundy, and Ramboo). The two decided to team up, with Tommy wanting his disks back from Dream and Techno wanting to dismantle L'Manberg's government.


Fandom for Dream SMP is very video and animation heavy, being that the source material itself hails from YouTube and Twitch. However plenty of fanart is also found on art sharing and social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, and DeviantART. The Minecraft YouTube fandom has also produced many works of fanfiction, some of them shipping the YouTubers together. On Archive of Our Own Minecraft has 31849 works as of Mar 2021, and then further narrows that down to the tag "Video Blogging RPF." Minecraft sorted to include the tag Video Blogging RPF has 23623 works, meaning at least 74% of the Minecraft tag on AO3 surrounds some form of YouTuber or video source material. Then, of the main Minecraft tag, the ship with the most fanfics is "Clay|Dream/GeorgeNotFound" with 5154 fanfics, or 16% of the tag.

The Minecraft tag grew by 7,323 fanfics as of Apr 21st, 2021, for a total of 39172, and the Minecraft sorted with Video Blogging RPF grew by 5,540 fanfics, for a total of 29163. Clay|Dream/GeorgeNotFound remained the most popular ship and grew by 1,517 fanfics, for a new total of 6671.

Though the fandom does recognize that the YouTubers are real people, they also depict their personas quite a lot in fanart. For example, drawing Technoblade as an actual anthro pig because his Minecraft skin is a pig, Ranboo as half-Enderman, and Ph1lzA with wings. These particular fans seem to be basing their fanworks off of the characters that the YouTubers played in the Dream SMP, which are dramatized versions of themselves. Some of the characterizations may not be solely based off of Dream SMP, since the YouTubers' fans extend beyond Dream SMP. The most unique characterizations based off of Dream SMP are depictions of L'Manberg's uniform and flag, and Tommy's struggle for his disks.

Division Between Content Characters and Characters

Fans will discuss the characters that the content creators play as opposed to the content creators themselves by using the prefix c!. For example, c!Dream is used to refer specifically to the character Dream plays in his SMP, not Dream as a person. It can be used on any player of an SMP, and is common with Dream SMP. Other examples would include c!Wilbur and c!Ranboo. To discus the content creators separately, the prefix cc! is used instead, as in cc!Dream to discus Dream as a person rather than how he plays in the Dream SMP.

The division between content creator and character is a frequent source of discussion in the fandom, with some fans maintaining that there can never be a total separation between character and content creator and other fans insisting that content creators and their Dream SMP characters are entirely separate people, with most fans falling somewhere in the middle. Opinions also vary between different content creators on the subject. For example, The_Eret has stated that "our characters are us, imo there isn't much of a difference"[4] and "we are our characters"[5] while Dream has described characters from the Dream SMP as "character versions of ourselves, with some similarities to us, but not clones of us"[6]

Our characters are us, imo there isn't much of a difference. With TV shows and movies, especially animated ones, there is a significant separation between the actor and the character. With content creation, especially the DSMP, there is very little separation, so pls don't ship or make nsfw stuff between my character and the characters of my friends. ❤
Eret on their Tumblr theeretblr[7]
I think for the Dream SMP it’s really important to remember that when we’re not messing around, we’re playing character versions of ourselves, with some similarities to us, but not clones of us. I think making sure that’s clear when taking about the SMP is important!
Dream on Twitter[8]
Do you really have a right to dictate the fandom when it comes to character matters? You definitely have every right to not be comfortable with your character being shipped and you dont have to see if if you want to, but, well, you arnt a wither god/Herobrine descendent/banished god, whatever the fandom likes to pick, that got her friends killed in a bid for power in real life for a position as king, as far as I'm aware in real life. At least I hope not.

Yes, you share the same name and yes you are the author, but we are not writing about Alastair, who goes by theEret and roleplays a character of the same name, we are writing about Eret, a solider turned traitor turned king who has a deep backstory and a mysterious past, nothing to do with streamers and roleplays. [...] No other author gets to choose how fandom dictates their fandom works, why do you when its not really about you? the fact its largely a rp and made by streamers doesn't change that at its core, its still a story.

You say there isn't a separation but there is, just becuase they're based off of you (both looks and name wise) doesn't make them you, or the other characters your friends. It would be different if this was a simple smp, but its not, you all turned it into a story, thus making the characters with lore and story, into characters, and thus not you.
A deactivated Tumblr, in response to Eret's request not to ship their DSMP character[9]
The difference -as Eret mentioned- is that actors are not their characters.

In a movie actors will (usually) play a character that someone else has made. Their physical traits and habits may become part of how the character is percieved- but the personality and actions of that character are entirely fictional. (even in nonfiction works, if an actor is portraying someone it doesn't mean they ARE that person!) Fandom interpretations of the character can be weird and fucked up but ultimately the character remains separated from the actor themselves. This is very different to the gaming and content creation environment- including but not limited to the dsmp. More often than not, in these environments the creators are just people.

Sure, some have personas they 'put on' but these are literally just self inserts. They may exaggerate some aspects and downplay others but it's all still centred around their character- about what makes them Them.
nidofir on Tumblr, in response to a claim that characters and content creators are separate[10]
headcanoning dream smp characters as homophobic or transphobic will never not be weird, especially since their characters are so closely tied to the streamers’ true selves
@patchpuppe on Twitter[11]
[...] most people aren't talking abt cc's when they talk ab romo relationships on the dsmp. almost everyone i've seen talking ab /r beeduo is talking about c!beeduo- you know, the traumatized disabled ex president and literal nonhuman monster boy, and if they're not, welp! blocked & reported! & the same goes for tntduo! but since the lines are blurred between c! and cc! a lot (you can't say they're not, lol) it's so easy to believe the worst in someone and assume that they're just using the c! and cc! as a thinly veiled excuse for RPF shipping. which is, to say the least. incredibly annoying. [...]
spookytubbo on Tumblr[12]
the dsmp characters are just not tied to the ccs at all.....
@futilebur on Twitter[13]
C!wilbur fucked a fish I don’t think their character represents who they are
@csgodwt on Twitter[14]
last time i checked quackity doesnt torture people, dream isnt an abuser and tommy isnt traumatised ????
@dwtdevotee on Twitter[15]
Anonymous said:

What bothers me the most about shipping in this fandom is that even for ships involving the dteam people make this huge deal saying that they are talking about c and not ccs. In fandoms like this there is not a clear enough distinction between c and ccs, and I think there is nothing wrong with writing fics about things ccs said that they are okay with, but stop trying to hide behind the c, and stop using that as an excuse to write things that are clearly breaking boundaries Sorry I needed to vent

pavlovarat said: yup exactly. like there is really no clear line to be drawn between c and cc. certain aspects overlap to varying degrees, theres not a crystal clear difference like there is with a tv show character and their actor. so if ur gonna ship the characters, be aware that its gonna be a reflection of the ccs as well. which is why I think that like the bare minimum normal behavior thing to do is follow cc boundaries for their characters unless they EXPLICITLY and CLEARLY say otherwise.

#when ppl stress it's c! not cc! but they take things like lovejoy etc and little things entirely from the cc/their other series like #hardcore worlds or sky block randomizer or fuckin roblox basically anything that is entirely separate from dsmp and not connected to the c! #like in and of itself that's not a bad thing to include it can be fun and interesting if you're being careful #but if you're specifically saying 'i can do these potentially boundary breaking things bc it's the character not the cc' and THEN #you include shit like that? mmmm bestie i think not #discourse
pavlovarat on Tumblr[16]
itstheadomania said:

oh God are we discussing fic pet peeves? because boy do i have a fucking bone to pick with every fic that has overused a cc's irl trait

like. you know the ones. they sneak in that c!tommy's specifically 6'3. they tell you c!tubbo's dyslexic. they make them like,,, gamers or something if its a modern au. it usually happens in a modern au, actually. they take the ccs real-life appearance and use it to describe the character (talking about tubbo, technoblade, ranboo here, and anyone that looks different in-character.) the most 'bruh' one i've seen is where they have dialogue between c!crimeboys that is blatantly taken from stuff said by cc!crimeboys outside of dsmp.

and that's not even accounting for the "what if the dsmp characters were popular streamers today, no i promise it's not rpf, it's dsmp" which i have seen. so many times. and it's like. okay. those fics can become really really popular sometimes. some people (lots of people) do enjoy that. they like the little irl references, so. i get why the writer would do it? i think? maybe?

but it also just feels so blatantly... uncomfortable?

like, dsmp fic writers have already harped on ao3, several times, because of the lack of seperation between rpf and dsmp writing. we already complain about how ao3 gives us zero tools to distinguish between them, and most authors are actively trying to get the dsmp to have its own category. so those fics that flip-flop in the middle, that like. use descriptions and character traits and settings that would make the story rpf, but apparently aren't writing rpf? it just really really annoys me. also i'm uncomfortable as hell reading rpf, so theres that lmao

im not against modern aus, though!! this isnt me saying that! im a meridies and devil town stan till the day i die. but just some specific fics just. bruh.

zannolin said:

on one hand I agree with you on a lot of this on the other hand i do this myself sometimes, in the sense of like, i’m putting the mr. president cat into a bunch of my aus. i literally cannot think of anything else off the top of my head but i bet i’ve done it lol. part of it is like, there’s some things that you would consider outside of it but have been referenced or included (like ycgma, or i think c!wilbur canonically has fucked up taste buds like cc!wilbur? am i hallucinating that???) so are now canon, and then there’s like, questionable canonicity things like the fundywastaken wedding and such and it’s like, do i include this, do i not? i’ll be honest, this really doesn’t bother me on the same level it does you but i can’t tell if that’s because i haven’t encountered it as much or what. maybe it’s because the characters are so intrinsically bound up in the people at this point that i’ve accepted this obviously isn’t a normal fandom where you can do things that are generally acceptable in other fandoms. shipping, for instance, or writing extremely dark fanfiction or headcanoning characters to be, idk, suicidal when they canonically aren’t, to list things i have seen before. now, a lot of that stuff is kinda questionable to me anyways but you can get away with it in other fandoms because these are characters not based on anyone, not so closely tied to real people with real boundaries and shit, so ventfic is less weird i guess. i think i’m kinda just rolling with it at this point, that it’s not normal here and that’s okay, learn new rules and abide by them.

however i agree that the “dsmp characters but as streamers” is literally…..so stupid wh. you are writing rpf. that is rpf. or just fucking dumb fndjshfjsdvfhdjfgd.
itstheadomania and zannolin on Tumblr[17]

A frequent disclaimer in fanworks of the characters is "characters not ccs", or longform versions of a similar concept:

When I say names, keep in mind I mean *characters* ( c! ) and not the ccs themselves.
This fic is entirely about the Dream SMP characters, not the IRL content creators.

When players are used as characters (in the same vein as actors), fanfic writers frequently write family dynamics between the adult characters and the minors. For example, during Tommy's exile arc after he began living with Technoblade, fanfic writers began writing the two as having a familial bond. Ph1lza is also a popular person used as a familial bond to the younger characters, and has even been used similarly as a fatherly figure or older brother figure towards Wilbur Soot due to Philza being the oldest of the Dream SMP in his 30s. In the fanfic "I want to hold you in my arms and burn" Tommy is the youngest son of Philza, with both Technoblade and Wilbur Soot being his older siblings.[18]

Dream SMP - The Complete Story

Likely due to the demand in content that explained what exactly was going on with Dream SMP lore, a YouTuber named EvanMCGaming began a series titled Dream SMP - The Complete Story. Though the date no longer displays under the video, the first video was likely posted circa January 2021. By Aug 2021 it has over 8 million views. With its popularity EvanMCGaming continued his series, with the most recent one, Dream SMP - The Egg, released on Jul 2021 with 4 million views as of Aug 2021. By comparison, most of EvanMCGaming's videos don't hit even 1 million, mainly staying within the 100-20 thousand viewers mark.[19]

These videos are dynamic reenactments of the events of the SMP with narration on top, in documentary fashion. The plot and lore that they cover are frequently months behind the actual contemporary lore of the SMP, due to the time it takes to create the videos. EvanMCGaming's videos likely help audiences who don't actively watch the streamers' themselves understand the plot of the SMP from a distance.

Similar videos, such as "the entire history of dream stans, i guess" cropped up to offer other perspectives on Dream and the Dream SMP as well. "The entire history of dream stans, i guess," posted May 27, 2021 by Beri some months after the first EvanMCGaming video, was mainly meant to discuss Dream's fans. It included some snippets about how fans interacted with the Dream SMP in its earlier months. This includes TommyInnit allowing Jschaltt to join, which annoyed Dream fans and resulted in Jschlatt being kicked out by Dream. Then Quackity, who wasn't well known to Dream's fans at the time, spoke Spanish on the stream and according to Beri was "cancelled" for it on Twitter being that those unfamiliar with Quackity were unaware he was Mexican and English was his second language.[20]


Ship Names

  • DreamNotFound (DnF)- Dream/GeorgeNotFound
  • Schlattbur - Wilbur Soot/Jschlatt
  • Wilchu - Wilbur Soot/Nihachu
  • DreamTeam, DTeam, DreamNotNap, DreamNapFound - Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (sometimes romantic)

Feelings on Shipping

A Tumblr blog was made specifically to discuss the boundaries between the content creators of the three major SMPs, including Dream SMP. it includes a post pinned to the top, which has a list of links that lead one to information on how that creator feels about shipping and NSFW shipping.[21]

Dream is not uncomfortable with his fans shipping him with his friends. On Nov 30, 2020, he stated on his Twitter that he did not care if his fans shipped him with his friends, and that he supported his LGBTQ+ fans, as well as the LGBTQ+ members of the SMP.[22] Dream also stated in a video that the Dream Team was fine with NSFW content as well.[23]

Other popular players of the Dream SMP, such as Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit, have different boundaries than Dream and his main group of friends. Wilbur stated he was fine with shipping and fanfictions, but had some discomfort with NSFW being made of him.[24] TommyInnit, being a minor (17 as of Apr 2021), was understandably uncomfortable with the idea of NSFW of himself. He also disliked the idea of being shipped with his equally young best friend, Tubbo, but has been otherwise vague on other kinds of shipping or fanfiction, such as fanfics about their characters vs. them as real people.[25]

There are also a few players of Dream SMP who are uncomfortable with shipping altogether. JSchlatt, who played an old, drunk president on the SMP, is uncomfortable with being shipped, among other things.[26] Despite that, some shippers still ship Schlattbur, or have admitted to shipping it secretly. [27][28] Tumblr user wooteena theorized that, due to the discomfort regarding said shippers, Jschlatt stopped collaborating in individual videos with Wilbur.[29] Technoblade is also uncomfortable with shipping an shipping fanfiction as well. [30]

Fan Creations



Fan Songs



You can tell how much the members of the SMP genuinely love one another. (Apr 5, 2021)

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