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Journal Community
Name: Youtube Slash
Date(s): 2010-2013
Moderator: Smushfaace (former), lucy_and_ramona, girl_in_stripes, nicoleh626, kisforkurama
Founder: Smushfaace
Type: Livejournal
Fandom: Youtube RPF
A header made for the community, circa 2011.

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This is about the lj community. If you're looking for general fandom information see YouTube Slash (fandom).

Youtube Slash was a private LiveJournal community centered around Youtube RPF, specifically slash ships. The comm was created by Smushfaace sometime in late 2010.[1] It was one of the primary hubs for Youtube RPF in the early days of the fandom, along with groups on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Amongst members of the community, Youtube RPF was colloquially known as #y_slash.


Initially a relatively small community of members who were primarily centered around various Nerdfighter-related youtube channels, Youtube Slash grew to over a thousand members before being purged by Livejournal at some point in 2015.

On March 9, 2011, kisforkurama hosted the #y_slash kink meme on its journal, on request from other mods of the comm. It ran from March 9, 2011 to October, 2013, and garnered over 400 comments (a respectable number for such a smaller fandom).[2] With the deletion of the comm, it is one of the few surviving early 2010s examples of YouTube Slash (fandom).

In summer of 2012, the Youtube Slash community ran a Big Bang, which can be found at InterroBigBang.

Common Pairings


  1. ^ Pleeeeease? For the CHERIMON?!

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