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Name: Destination: Toast!
Date(s): 2013-ongoing
Type: statistics, analysis
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), panfandom
Scope: Fandom Statistics
URL: Destination: Toast! — Fandom stats, Archived version
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Destination: Toast! is a fandom statistics blog.

"I make a lot of posts about the statistics of fandom — mostly AO3, since that’s the most easily searchable archive I know of."


ToastyStats: Fandom statistical analyses is the stats-only side blog.

ToastyStats: Fandom statistical analyses, Archived version

Guest Statistician

See Fansplaining.


Table of Contents

Fandom stats, Archived version

  • About
  • Big picture analyses
  • Shipping and relationship categories
  • AUs
  • Languages and cultures of fandom
  • Popularity metrics
  • Platform Comparisons (AO3, FFN, Wattpad, deviantART)
  • Stats about original stories/canon
  • Sherlockian analyses
  • Harry Potter
  • Other fandoms
  • Meta resources
  • Media coverage
  • Fandom stats by other people

On AO3

Destination: Toast! also posts stats meta and presentations on AO3: