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Synonyms: side blog, side account
See also: Tumblr, side account
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A sideblog is a blog run by a user that is secondary or additional to their primary or "main" blog. The term is primarily in use on Tumblr, which allows multiple blogs to be run from the same account with mostly the same features, although the practice likely goes back further and can be used to refer to any blogging platform.


Often, sideblogs focus on a narrower or different subject than one's "main" blog. For instance, one might have a sideblog dedicated to a particular pairing or fandom, while their primary blog contained more mundane or mixed content.

Another use of sideblogs was to safely post subject matter that might be considered too risque or inappropriate for one's followers. Before the ban on adult content, some fanartists specifically operated sideblogs to post NSFW content. This allowed people who did not want to view such content to still follow the artist's main blog, and those that were interested in NSFW content could follow the NSFW sideblog.


It is up to the user to decide whether or not their primary and secondary blogs are publicly linked. Some choose to have sideblogs with similar URLs that would allow their followers to find the other blogs easily, or simply share a link. Others maintain strict separation between the two blogs and identities, sharing nothing and giving no detail as to who runs the sideblog. Tumblr has a function to always include an icon leading to the main blog on a sideblog's posts.