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Name: Martin Freeman
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor
Medium: film, TV
Works: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (film), The Office (British TV), Love, Actually, Sherlock (TV series), The Hobbit (film series)
Official Website(s): no site, wikipedia Martin Freeman
Fan Website(s): freemanfans on livejournal, Martin Freeman Maniac
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Martin Freeman is an English actor who has appeared in the fan favorites Sherlock (BBC tv series) as John Watson and The Hobbit (film series) as Bilbo Baggins. He had a minor role in Black Panther, making him part of the MCU.

Fan Sites

Martin Freeman is a Hedgehog Meme

This seems to have been a response to the "Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch" meme.

On twitter, Martin's partner Amanda Abbington acknowledged this phenomenon

fan to to @amandaabbington: is Martin aware that some sites online show pictures comparing him to hedgehogs ? X
reply from @amandaabbington: oh God, yes.
fan to @amandaabbington: Well, that response warrents a follow-up question: how does he feel about it?
reply from @amandaabbington: He laughs, he cries and then rolls himself into a little prickly ball and hibernates for the winter. [1]

In fanon, the hedgehog's name is "Jawn" (meant to be a weird spelling of "John", as in Watson). In the first Hobbit film, when Radagast's hedgehog is hurt, cohorts of fangirls whispered "nooooo, Jawn!"[2]


Freeman appears in actor RPF, mainly Sherlock RPF and The Hobbit RPF, although he is not the most popular character in either.


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